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Looking for something sweet? Check out these cafes with stocked sweets cabinets.
01 Dec 2022
Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer

If you have a sweet tooth, love a lolly or like to indulge in milkshake, then you’ll want to add these cafes to your list of places to visit.  With cabinets full of tarts, muffins, blondies and cakes or a gourmet ice cream you’ll satisfy those sweet cravings in no time.

UB’s Milk Bar

Ungermanns Salted caramel, bacon, pecan ice cream.

We’ll start our sweet journey off with a visit to UB’s Milk Bar.  Ipswich’s original gourmet ice creamery still honours it’s roots with decadently different ice cream flavours.  But they’ve also added poffertjes, waffles, sundaes and milkshakes to the menu.

The ice cream flavours include strawberry balsamic, dark chocolate and mandarin, Dutch spice, lavender honeycomb and peanut butter.

Fourthchild Restaurant and Cafe

Flavours of Ipswich | Fourthchild Restaurant |  Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Fourthchild Cafe and Restaurant hand-craft their cakes and slices as well as decadent desserts.  Choose something yummy from the cake cabinet out the front or order off the menu, settle down on the back deck and enjoy.

The Soul Nook Collective

The Soul Nook Collective

Take a drive to the charming country town of Marburg and visit The Soul Nook Collective boutique.  Inside is a coffee machine and cake cabinet which stocks Baked by Brooke sweet treats including Biscoff blondies.

Special Branch Collective

Special Branch Collective

Coffee, cake and gifts are the reasons to visit Special Branch Collective in Marburg.  If you do stop here, try the melting moments. 

Elderflower Cafe

Spiced muffins at Elderflower Cafe

The cake cabinet is always changing at Elderflower Cafe as they create delicious new recipes.  Almond croissants, muffins, cakes, slices and more change with the seasons as different ingredients are available.

And don’t forget to checkout the dessert specials, at the time of writing they had come up with a Biscoff crepes recipe served with chocolate mousse, chocolate sauce, fresh berries and fairy floss!

Dancing Bean

Dancing Bean muffins and croissants

A mid-week or weekend visit to Dancing Bean Espresso Bar calls for milkshakes, muffins and French toast.  While you’re there try out the locally roasted coffee blends.

The Lagoon Cafe

Ice cream from Breakfast at Stephanies

What’s better than a dip on a hot day?  An ice cream after!  When you visit the Orion Lagoon stop in next door at The Lagoon Cafe for fresh scoops of ice cream.

Wild Rose Cottage

Individual chocolate mud cakes at Wild Rose Cottage

Decadently dense slices, buttery biscuits, moreish cakes, tasty tarts and great coffee can be found at Wild Rose Cottage.  They also have gifts for sale… 

Rafter and Rose

Rafter and Rose chocolate cake

One of Ipswich’s most famous cafes, Rafter and Rose makes the most amazing cakes adorned with edible flowers.  Go on the weekend for loaded croissants, filled donuts, tarts and sweet pies.

Ruby Chews


Located next to Limelight Cinemas is Ruby Chews Burgers and Shakes.  We love the loaded sundaes with mix-ins for days…and special flavours including peanut butter.

Queens Park Cafe

Queens Park Cafe cake cabinet

Queens Park is home to a cafe with a wide veranda and well-stocked cake cabinet.  You’ll find all manner of pastries and cakes here at Queens Park Cafe. Lookout for specials, including unicorn pancakes on the ever-expanding menu.

Ipswich Jets

Jets mocha mint frappe

Inside Ipswich Jets Leagues Club you’ll find a cafe nook with delectable cakes and desserts.  They also create some amazing milkshakes and iced coffees.

Brothers Leagues Club

Finns Cafe at Brothers Leagues Club

Finns Cafe, inside Brothers Leagues Club punches above it’s weight when it comes to sweet treats.  The cake cabinet is always stocked with delish desserts and crave-busting cakes.

The Retro Diner

The Retro Diner | Flavours of Ipswich 2021

With a retro-inspired decor The Retro Diner offers up homestyle baked treats with scones, waffles, cupcakes and more on the menu.

Chai House

Chai House cake cabinet

Two words Banoffee tart.  It’s the reason I keep coming back to Chai House Cafe.  Their cakes cabinet is full of yummies great for lunch-dessert, morning or afternoon tea.

Coffee Guru Brookwater

Coffee Guru Brookwater sticky date pudding

Sticky date pudding with a secret butterscotch sauce, yes please!  This is but one of the yummy desserts on offer at Coffee Guru Brookwater.  They also have cakes, muffins and pastries on offer.

The Girls’ Coffee Bar

Some of the home baked goodies found at the Girls’ Coffee Bar

The Girls’ Coffee Bar are known for their hand-made special recipes like the choc ginger cheesecake. It’s a reason to stop by, but so are the lamingtons, muffins and slices.

Tommy Smith Cafe

Tommy Smith Cafe cake cabinet

Set behind the historic Woodlands of Marburg mansion you’ll find Tommy Smith Cafe.  Here they stock the cabinet with seasonal desserts, from pies and tarts to cakes and slices – they also do amazing loaded milkshakes which are worth the drive.

Baked by Joseph and Ann

Baked by Joseph and Ann

One of Ipswich’s newest bakeries is one that specalises in sweet treats.  Baked by Joseph and Ann make all manner of decadent desserts from cakes to macarons and tarts.  While you can’t eat in, grab a pack for the journey home. 

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