Join Discover Ipswich

What is Discover Ipswich?

Discover Ipswich is a leisure tourism brand, designed to promote experiences and services to the travel market.  Eligible businesses can partner with council to become a part of the Ipswich Tourism Operators Network and be featured on Discover Ipswich channels.

The Discover Ipswich suite of collateral includes the following platforms:

• Discover Ipswich website and blog posts
• Annual Ipswich Visitor Guide
• Precinct Guide brochures promoting Ipswich Central, Springfield, Marburg and Surrounds, and Rosewood.
• Social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
• The Ipswich Visitor Information Centre located in picturesque Queens Park.

Is Discover Ipswich right for my business?

The Discover Ipswich digital and social platforms are first and foremost tourism-focused. While Discover Ipswich has many followers that reside in Ipswich, the platforms and associated promotions are primarily targeted at an audience outside the City of Ipswich.

Businesses that will achieve strong results from listing with Discover Ipswich are those that offer high quality experiences to the visitor market, and that provide our team with engaging content that will appeal to this audience.

How do I get on board with Discover Ipswich?

In order to join Discover Ipswich, businesses must first become a member of the Ipswich Tourism Operators Network (ITON).  To be eligible you must provide a tourism experience or service within the Ipswich City Council boundary or up to a 10km drive outside the boundary.  You must also hold all the relevant permits to undertake your business. 

Find out more about ITON, including how to join, at