Need a break now school holidays are over? Here’s what to do…

How to reward yourself after a long school holiday break!
16 Jan 2024
Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer

School holidays can be a magical time spent making memories with the family, but the long summer break can sometimes feel too long.  When the kids are once again back at school, you might need some me time to decompress from the endless “mum”, “dad”, “I’m bored” talk.  Use this list that can help you plan some fun times without the kids.

Smash your frustrations away!

Rage Cage Smash Rooms Ipswich

Don’t wait, book in now to smash out those school holiday frustrations safely – at Rage Cage.  All the safety equipment is supplied, and it’s just you in a room with a bat smashing to your heart’s content!  Enjoy.

Indulge in fried chicken followed by ice cream sans children

Fried chicken burger at UB's Milk Bar

If you’ve spent the holidays trying to force fruit and veges onto the kids, saying no to takeaway and just setting a great example for the kids with healthy eating – then I applaud you!  And you probably need a cheat day…

Head over to UB’s Milk Bar for one of the tastiest fried chicken burgers around, wash it down with a milkshake or one of their gourmet ice cream flavours, on your own without the children complaining!

Try axe throwing

Take aim and throw something sharp, where it won’t hurt anyone!  Book in for a session of axe throwing at Rampage, without the little ones and trust me you’ll feel better afterwards!

Sip on a cocktail or two…

The Rusty Nail Bar has a great cocktail menu!

Maybe having the kids in your possession and keeping them alive during the entire school holidays, has left you a little thirsty?  Why not spend a Sunday afternoon or Thursday (we’re not judging) tasting the cocktail of the week at The Rusty Nail!

There’s other great places around town to try also, including Monte Lane, Pumpyard Bar and Brewery, Banshees Bar and Bakehouse Steakhouse.

Get your adrenaline pumping at the Executioner’s Toolshed

Seraphim Escape

Grab a couple of friends – the other parents at drop off are fine – and head to Seraphim Escape Rooms to spend an hour trying to thwart the executioner.  It’s one hour that will get your heart pumping and you’ll leave with a smile on your face, or not, but either way you won’t end up fighting with the kids if you leave them at home with grandma.

Book in to see a show

The Ipswich Civic Centre brings some amazing theatre, music and comedy shows to town, book in for a night off, have dinner made for you and relax.

Other places you can see shows include Brothers Leagues Club, Club Services Ipswich, Racehorse Hotel, Banshees Bar, Studio 188 and the Incinerator Theatre.

Head out for a long breakfast or lunch

St Shoebill 3A

Take a leisurely breakfast or lunch followed by a spot of shopping without any nagging in the Top of Town Precinct.  Cafes to try include St Shoebill, Fourthchild, Oikos and Rafter and Rose.

Wander up the main street of town with a stop into the Old Flour Mill to see Embers and Twine for handmade items, Obsession Shoes and Oh JoJo! Boutique for fashion.

Or take a drive out to Marburg to enjoy coffee at The Soul Nook Collective followed by shopping inside the old church, you can even book in for a styled picnic inside a lux bell tent!  Wander around the corner to discover antiques and gift ware.  Lunch at the Marburg Hotel or Tommy Smith Cafe.

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