83 Oxford Street‚ North Booval

What happens in a Rage Cage Smash Room?

Well it’s a place to go if you want to smash something, or things in a safe environment to release tension, frustration or anger.

“From a fun perspective anyone can do it and from a mental health perspective, everyone should do it,” Matthew says of the smash room experience.
“It just triggers something, with that first cup or vase they smash… you can just let go, scream, smash things and no one is going to judge you.” You will get a crate/tub of breakable items with all the safety gear you require. All the tools you will need and all the time to work through your emotions.

For those who find their smash groove, bigger items can be selected beyond the random collection supplied – you might pick a television set or microwave to get busy on. Matthew said smashing could be quite transformative. “You see someone come in who is a bit down or demure and then you notice them leaving a while later all sweaty and smiling.”

The venue is for adults aged 18 and over, or minors aged 12 to 17 accompanied by an adult and is located in front of Rampage Axe Throwing.

Check the website for available session times and pricing.