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What is an escape room?

An escape room is a puzzle, adventure game, where you go into a themed room and work together as a team to, find clues, solve puzzles, unlock locks and doors and escape the room before your time runs out.

The objective isn't always to escape. Sometimes you might have to solve a murder mystery, defuse a bomb, or free the fairies.

Every escape room is unique, but they are all a lot of fun!

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Recent Reviews


Nov 2020

Top tier rooms!

We've been to many rooms and these are among the best. Great puzzle diversity and atmosphere. We look forward to anything these guys produce in the future! more »


Oct 2020

A Must Do!

Had so much fun! We tried the Atonement room and yes lots of solving but well worth it!!!! The hosts were very friendly and made our experience interesting and fun... we will be back for sure! more »


Oct 2020

Must visit!!

The entire experience was amazing! We did the Executioner's Toolshed room and it was challenging and we finished with a lot of luck! We will definitely return for the harder room more »


Sep 2020

Executioner's Toolshed

The room was really well put together and the puzzles were all simple enough that they often made you overthink them and waste time. Very exciting! The executioner was very spooky during his visits... more »


Sep 2020


Awesome place. Greeted by lovely hosts and guided to your room. The rooms are decorated great and the game is not easy but not hard, just have to read and think about everything. We had an amazing... more »