Best desserts in Ipswich to satisfy your sweet tooth

Satisfy your sweet cravings with these restaurants offering dessert...
21 Jun 2023
Ashleigh Howarth, Freelance writer

If dessert is your favourite part of the meal, then your tastebuds are in for a treat with these delish menu items found in restaurants and cafes across Ipswich.

From almond croissants, to mango and coconut bread, sticky date puddings and New York baked cheesecakes, there’s something for every sweet tooth to end on a high note.

Club Services Ipswich

Club Services Ipswich

If you’re looking for good food and music, Club Services Ipswich has got you covered. Why not tap your feet along to live bands while enjoying delicious cheesecake or some of the other baked goodies from the menu.

Find them at 5 Lowry St, North Ipswich.

Rafter and Rose

Rafter and Rose 1

With everything made fresh onsite, Rafter and Rose is a popular destination for both locals and visitors. The café, located in the Top of Town Precinct, is known for its coffee and fresh pastries. Popular items on the menu include almond croissants, cinnamon croissant scrolls, apple crumble muffins, triple choc brownies, jam brioche doughnuts, New York baked cheesecakes and more.

Find them at 17 Ellenborough St, Ipswich.

The Retro Diner

Waffles with mixed berries, The Retro Diner

If you love the 50s and 60s, take a trip down memory lane at The Retro Diner. This funky little café serves hot scones with jam and cream, gourmet muffins, decadent chocolate brownies with clinkers and cherry ripe, plus lemon curd scrolls. The diner also makes old-school thick shakes, with 12 flavours to choose from and plenty of ice cream in every cup.

Find them at 195 Brisbane St, Ipswich.

UB’s Milk Bar

These local ice cream connoisseurs like to test the boundaries and create gourmet ice cream that is handcrafted from local ingredients. Some of their unique creations include salted caramel, bacon and pecan; lavender and honeycomb; finger lime; toasted coconut with rum soaked raisins; and lemon, lime and bitters sorbet. But that’s not all – you can also order poffertjes, waffles, macarons, ice cream sundaes, banana splits, fudge brownies and milkshakes off the UB’s Milk Bar menu.

Find them at 126 Brisbane St, Ipswich. 

Queens Park Cafe

Queens Park Cafe

Located near the front counter, your eyes will light up at the number of goodies inside the Queens Park Cafe cake fridge. On display you will find a number of delicacies like mango and coconut bread, white chocolate and raspberry muffins, carrot cake, run and raisin cheesecake, pecan pie and custard slice. 

Find them at 10a Merle Finimore Ave, Ipswich. 

Brothers Leagues Club

Brothers has some delicious gelato flavours

There is always room for dessert, so if you have enjoyed lunch or dinner at Brothers Leagues Club and are looking to end the meal on a sweet note, why not order a lemon meringue tart, pavlova, chocoholics chocolate cake or sticky date pudding from Shamrocks. You will also find an array of tasty gelato flavours including boysenberry, strawberry milkshake and macadamia at Finn’s Cafe.

Find them at 20 Wildey St, Raceview.  


Warm up at Fourthchild Cafe Restaurant and Lounge Bar with their two winter dessert specials. Choose from either a sticky date pudding with caramel sauce, Chantilly cream and ice cream; or a warm apple and cinnamon tea cake with caramelized apple, caramel drizzle and ice cream. 

Find them at 215 Brisbane St, Ipswich. 

Prince Alfred Hotel

PA Hotel

Not only is the Prince Alfred Hotel known for their beer and cocktails, but they also serve up plenty of desserts at Char’d restaurant. If you’re feeling like something sweet, why not order one of their signature sticky date puddings, Belgian waffles, deep fried Mars bar, or one of their new premium cakes and slices which have been sourced from a small bakery in Brisbane.

Find them at 170 Brisbane Rd, Booval. 

Ruby Chews


Whether you’re after a pre-movie snack, or need a little sugar after hours of shopping at Riverlink Shopping Centre, stop by Ruby Chews for a classic ice cream sundae, loaded churros, churro bites or thick shake. Popular flavours of ice cream include rainbow road, caramel bliss, cookie monster and chocy balboa. You can also add in mix-ins.

Find them inside the Riverlink Shopping Centre, located on the corner of Downs St and The Terrace, North Ipswich. 

Bakehouse Steakhouse

The Bakehouse Steakhouse dessert bar

Located inside an impressive 148-year-old building, Bakehouse Steakhouse is a modern yet character-filled restaurant and bar. After chowing down a steak, fill your tummy with one of their banoffee pies, New York cheesecakes, chocolate brownies or lemon meringue tarts.

Find them on the corner of Darling St and West St, Ipswich.

Dancing Bean Cafe

You won’t feel guilty about treating yourself to a little snack with your morning coffee when you visit Dancing Bean Cafe. Why not treat your tastebuds with a red velvet cupcake, caramel slice, croissant, chocolate chip muffin or Portuguese tart.

Find them at 164 Brisbane St, Ipswich Central.  

Elderflower Cafe

Spiced muffins at Elderflower Cafe

​Tucked in beside the North Tivoli Plant Nursery, Elderflower Café is a tranquil and welcoming space for humans and their four-legged friends. It will be hard to choose between the freshly baked chocolate and cinnamon scone scrolls, caramel slice topped with crystallised ginger and white chocolate drizzle, caramel walnut brownies and mixed berry white chocolate muffins.

Find them at 222-224 Mount Crosby Rd, North Tivoli. 

Sage Cafe

Cafe Kalina dessert

Specialising in speciality coffee and fresh food, Sage Café features an array of tasty desserts like raw key lime cheesecake slice, chocolate fudge brownies, choc mocha tahini slice, apricot balls and chocolate chip muffins.

Find them at 6 Yoga Wy, Springfield Central.

The Cafe Kalina

Cafe Kalina brownie

You will find more wholesome dessert treats at The cafe Kalina like beetroot slice, ginger balls, raw peanut butter and chocolate slice and lychee raw cheesecake with toasted coconut.

Find them at 66 Kingfisher St, Springfield.

Marburg Hotel

Dessert at the Marburg Hotel is made fresh daily.

With an array of homemade desserts being baked each day, you never know what you will find in the dessert cabinet at the Marburg Hotel. But you can rest assured it will be something yummy like cakes, slices or tarts, which always come with a side of whipped cream!

Find them at 69 Edmond St, Marburg.

Ashleigh Howarth Freelance writer
Ashleigh Howarth is a journalist with more than 12 years experience in the media industry. Her passions include travelling, dessert bars, cocktails and attending music concerts. She aims to inspire others to unlock their own sense of wanderlust to explore this beautiful big world, whether that be on a local or more global scale. You can keep up to date with her stories by following @journo_ash_ on Instagram.

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