Ipswich’s best burgers of 2023

Smokey, bacony and cheesy goodness on a bun... What more could you want?
11 May 2023
Wendy Hughes, Writer and social media smith

Food trends may come and go but our love affair with the humble burger is everlasting. The very concept of that single word conjures proper deliciousness but with the right sauce, spanking fresh ingredients and a sparkly title to catch our attention, you’re looking at solid gold hits! Here are a few options right now to be found around Ipswich. Get out and rate them on your own satisfactometer! 

The Smash Burger at PA Hotel

Smash burger at the PA Hotel

This one wins the name game and it’s already wooing diners on the new menu at the PA Hotel.

Hotel manager Peter Coultas says the smash burger is a massive trend in the states right now and in true PA Hotel fashion, the enthusiastic kitchen team here were keen to jump on board.

“The name comes from the smashing of the beef pattie… you smash it down as you cook it and you get a bit of a crunch on the bottom of the pattie,” Mr Coultas said.

“Instead of having a thick meat pattie you get these two or three crispy meat patties, with your lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion, bacon, with a special barbecue sauce and melted American cheese, and chips.”

The UB Classic

The UB Classic

The smash factor continues at UB’s Milkbar (Ungermann Brothers) where the UB Classic features house-made wagyu beef patties smashed for added texture and teamed with a special sauce, cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles on a brioche bun.

Home of the famous Ungermann Brothers Icecream, this dining destination proffers a kind of dessert wonderland with colourful creations, shakes and a long list of icecream flavours venturing well past the usual – think wasabi, or choc-chilli or finger lime.  UB’s is also expected to have a liquor licence within weeks.  

The Jimmy Holden at Rafter & Rose

The Jimmy Holden at Rafter and Rose

We are beholdin’ to the Jimmy Holden. This is the burger you’re going to want to get on your Insta! A good looker loaded with the scrumptious mix of freshness you’d expect from this eternal favourite on Ellenborough Street, Rafter and Rose. Enjoy it in the botanical laneway this autumn and be transported to someplace far behind the ordinary! The Jimmy Holden has bacon, baby spinach, tomato, aioli, caramelised onion, organic egg, cheese and sweet potato rosti on an activated charcoal brioche bun!

The Fried Chicken Burger at Bakehouse Steakhouse 

Bakehouse Steakhouse chicken burger

Ipswich’s much loved Bakehouse Steakhouse menu is all about a premium beef offering but there’s a Fried Chicken Burger hiding here in the… erm… wings, that deserves its own recognition.

They’ve fried the chicken with a sweet spice and loaded it into a bun with lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles and their special Bakehouse Sauce.  

The Southern Fried Burger at Pumpyard

Southern Fried burger at Pumpyard Bar and Brewery

If you venture past the Smokey Pumpy beef burger and the Portabello Mushroom Burger at Pumpyard, you’ll find the Southern Fried Chicken creation on head chef Kiera McPaul’s latest menu.

It’s got all the good things piled in with a ranch sauce on a potato bun. And have you tried the Pickleback Wings here? Oh but that’s for another story, Stay tuned!  

The Ruby Classic


We just had to include the most popular pick on the list at Ruby Chews at Riverlink Shopping Centre.  The Ruby Classic has all the necessary elements; a 100 per cent Angus beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese and the house-made Ruby Sauce.

And if there’s a movie out that you’d like to catch, swing by Limelight Cinemas next door on any week day and score a discount voucher for a burger, which you can enjoy during the screening if you so desire!  

Wendy Hughes Writer and social media smith
Wendy Hughes has meandered through a long career as a journalist, often with a fork in one hand.. or a glass. She spent several years as a food writer at the Sunday Mail and reviewed for various magazines. These days Wendy produces content and runs social media within the tourism, hospitality and travel sectors. Email [email protected]

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