Where to find the best advanced MTB trails in Ipswich…

Find out which trails to ride if you're no longer new to MTB riding.
26 Aug 2021
Luke Radley, Mountain bike enthusiast

With mountain biking gaining popularity in the community, it is essential there are trails suited to all levels of riding. As a rider I know we are constantly pushing our boundaries and skills to new levels, riding steeper more technical trails. These boundaries can be somewhat limited with more common blue and green beginner level trails.

Having said that, the following includes some of the best ADVANCED riding in Ipswich for the rider looking to test their own abilities!

Phils Trail, Castle Hill

Castle Hill

In my opinion this is the most technical trail at Castle Hill, Blackstone Reserve. With big ruts carved into the sandstone from tyres, steep switch backs and tight trees, Phils is sure to test out your bike skills. The trail also ends at the drop into the pump track/jump line, the perfect way to finish a sick track!

Skyfall, Hidden Vale Adventure Park

Being one of my all-time favourite trails, Skyfall holds a special place in my heart as I still hold the fastest time down on Strava, which sort of speaks for itself showing how much I enjoy this trail!

From top to bottom, Skyfall has flowy single track with big doubles and hip jumps. Towards the bottom of the track, it turns into a FAST tree and rock dodging competition, one wrong wheel placement and you will be hitting the unforgiving ground hard. Although this trail is on my best advanced riding list, it also caters to all skill levels with B lines around the jumps and steep rock gardens. If you ever get the chance, ride this trail!

Road gaps and tabletop, Castle hill

Castle Hill1

Although this section of Castle Hill is not exactly single track, the two road gaps alongside the big tabletop will test out your skills in the air.

The tabletop jump and second road gap are a more recent addition, with the locals cutting a runway down the mountain into a new 60-foot gap, jumping over a fire road. It is a very committing line so this goes without saying, the road gaps must ONLY be ridden if you are an advanced level rider and have the ability. There are big consequences if you come up short on the landing!

The tabletop to the right is better suited to all skill levels, although if you are wanting to clear the gap cleanly, you will need to let the brakes wide open and hit it with full speed, worry not there is quite a long landing on the downside of the jump!

Why is Ipswich a fast up and coming MTB destination?

Hidden Vale Adventure Park

Ipswich is a quickly becoming a popular MTB destination that mountain bikers are adding to the list. With a diverse variety of terrain, Ipswich trails have played a huge part of shaping world champions. The Ipswich city council has played a huge role in providing funding for things such as trail care, new trail name headers, a bike wash bay and a toilet area (at Castle Hill).  The council have seen the popularity and continue to support us mountain bikers!

Hidden Vale Adventure Park being the largest privately owned bike park in Australia, has attracted lots of big-name riders in Australia and overseas with its professionally built 100km+ trail networks. HVAP also holds national level cross country marathon rounds, the Flight Centre Epic, 24 Hour and many, many more! It has been awesome seeing the progression of mountain biking over the past few years and watching the sport grow, in Ipswich especially.

Luke Radley Mountain bike enthusiast
Hi I’m Luke Radley, I’ve ridden and raced mountain bikes all over Australia for the past 7 years. I also love making YouTube videos of my adventures here: https://www.youtube.com/c/AdventuresWithLukeVlogs/

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