7 Mary Street‚ Blackstone

Ipswich City Council Notice:
Parts of this reserve are closed due to ground instability and subsidence following the severe weather event in early 2022. Unstable ground in closed areas is a direct risk to the safety of visitors and impacts emergency response. Please obey all signs and do not enter closed areas.
Currently closed: Walter Street entry, parts of Rangers Run, Dopps Climb.
Currently open: All other tracks and trails.

From mining heritage to downhill mountain biking, Castle Hill offers an experience unlike anything else in the region.

With over 15 International Mountain Biking Association rated trails ranging from easy to very difficult, Castle Hill is suitable for riders of all abilities and is an iconic riding destination in Ipswich.

Castle Hill caters for all levels of mountain bike riders depending on their fitness, ability and time available, but is best known for its technical single trails which can challenge even experienced riders.

Although the distances are not long, the hilly terrain and style of trails means that you have to work for every kilometre of your ride. Riders can choose from trails like the gently rolling Blackleg Gully Circuit up to the more advanced rollercoaster-style trail, the Inca.

For those wanting to discover the Reserves historical significance, take a walk along the Lewis Thomas Historical Trail. Explore the coal mining history as you pass open mine tunnels, hand-dug mine shafts and relics of the imposing three storey “Castle” which once towered over Blackstone.

Due to the mining history, Castle Hill has some hazards such as gas emissions and unstable ground. Signage is present at all known hazards visitors may encounter on trails. Please ensure you read and obey all safety signage, and report any observation of new gas emissions or ground subsidence to Council.

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