Whether you’re organising travel for customers, members, colleagues or students, the City of Ipswich has groups experiences to surprise and delight, including:

  • Historic Sites, Museums and Heritage Centres
  • Farms Tours and Wildlife Encounters
  • Food Tasting and Workshops
  • Nature Immersion and Exploration
  • Live Concerts and Theatre
  • Arts and Cultural Demonstrations and Classes
  • Scenic Flights
  • Group Dining and Accommodation Options

Group Experiences, Tours and Offers

Use the links below to discover the great range of experiences, tours and offers available in the City of Ipswich to add to your group’s itinerary:

Itinerary Support

Need help putting together the perfect trip for your group? The friendly team at the Ipswich Visitor Information Centre can help you put together an itinerary of the best activities and dining options for your group.

(07) 3281 0555
Email: [email protected]

Ipswich Groups Rebate

The Ipswich Groups Rebate is an Ipswich City Council initiative that provides a financial incentive to organisations to encourage more groups to visit to the City of Ipswich. The Program is open to all groups including:

  • Tour/Charter companies
  • Probus Clubs and other social groups
  • Schools
  • Corporate and incentive groups

Organisations bringing groups of 10 or more paying participants to Ipswich are eligible to apply for a rebate based on qualified spend in the City:

Qualified SpendRebate Available
$750 to $1500$150
$1500 to $3000$300
$3000 and above$650

Stay Up to Date

To receive updates about the Ipswich Groups Rebate program and new group experiences available in the City of Ipswich, please complete the form below:

Administrative Guidelines

To ensure your application is valid and eligible for assessment, an application must be lodged within 30 days of the date of your Group’s visit to the City of Ipswich, but not before.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applications should be lodged by the primary organising body for the Group’s visit.
  • The Group visiting Ipswich must consist of at least 10 paying participants.
  • The applying organisation must have an active Australian Business Number (ABN) or a valid Incorporated Association (IA) number.
  • The Group visiting Ipswich must originate from outside of the Ipswich local government area and primarily cater for non-Ipswich residents.

Download the Administrative Guidelines to read the full eligibility criteria for the program.

How To Apply

  1. Applying organisations should read the Administrative Guidelines carefully before completing the form.
  2. Within 30 days of the date of the Group’s visit (but not before) the applicant submits an online Application Form to claim a rebate.
  3. One form is to be completed per group visit.
  4. A copy of the travel itinerary showing the experiences visited by the Group must be uploaded to the form.
  5. Copies of invoices/receipts verifying the eligible expenditure associated with the Group’s visit must be attached to the form (see the Frequently Asked Questions section below for more information about what information needs to be submitted with your application).
  6. Applications will be processed within 30 days of submission. If the application is successful, you will receive a confirmation email requesting a tax invoice for payment of the rebate.

If you require additional information, please read our FAQ section, or contact us.

Eligible Venues/Experiences

To be eligible expenditure for consideration under the Ipswich Groups Rebate program, the expenditure must be incurred with an approved Ipswich tourism business listed below:

  • A Gift with Love
  • Arizona Cafe
  • Arttime Supplies
  • Bakehouse Steakhouse
  • Ballistic Brewery, Bar and Kitchen
  • Banshees Bar and Art Space
  • Best Western Ipswich
  • Breakfast at Stephanies
  • Brookwater Barista
  • Brookwater Golf and Country Club
  • Brothers Leagues Club Ipswich
  • Casa Mia Cafe Restaurant
  • Chai House Café
  • Club Services Ipswich
  • Coffee Guru Brookwater
  • Commercial Hotel Redbank
  • Cooneana Heritage Centre
  • Country House Gifts and Homewares
  • Cumquat House
  • Cute To Boot
  • Dancing Bean Specialty Roasters and Espresso Bar
  • Dark Magician Games
  • Didgeridoo Festivals
  • Dinmore Cottage
  • Dovetails Restaurant
  • Elderflower Café
  • Embers and Twine
  • Essence of Indya
  • Fenton’s at The Ipswich Club
  • Floating Images Hot Air Balloon Flights
  • Fourthchild Cafe Restaurant and Lounge Bar
  • Grandchester Model Steam Railway
  • Haigslea EWE Nique Hobby Farm
  • Heisenberg Haus
  • Hidden Vale Adventure Park
  • Homage
  • Imbibis Craft Distillery
  • Incinerator Theatre
  • Indian Mehfil Ipswich
  • Indian Tadka
  • Ipswich Antique Centre
  • Ipswich Art Gallery
  • Ipswich Civic Centre
  • Ipswich Country Motel
  • Ipswich Historical Society
  • Ipswich Jets Leagues Club
  • Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa
  • Ipswich Musical Theatre Company
  • Ipswich Riverlink Shopping Centre
  • Ipswich Showplace Markets
  • Ipswich Show Society
  • Ipswich Turf Club
  • Ipswich Visitor Information Centre
  • Ivory’s Rock
  • Julesart Studio/Gallery
  • Just Jump Trampoline Park and Play Centre
  • Kaysuelle Fashions
  • Keira Farm
  • La Parilla
  • Limelight Cinemas Ipswich
  • Little Mode Cupcakery
  • Marburg Hotel
  • Marburg Pacing Association
  • Memories of India
  • Montezuma’s Ipswich
  • Moselles Café & Restaurant
  • Motel Monaco
  • Oaks Ipswich Aspire Suites
  • Obsession Shoes Boutique
  • Oh! JoJo Boutique
  • Oikos Cafe Ipswich
  • Orion Markets
  • Orion Springfield Central
  • Pocket Retreat Farmstay
  • Prince Alfred Hotel
  • Pumpyard Bar and Brewery
  • Queens Park Cafe
  • Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway
  • Queensland Raceway
  • Quest Ipswich
  • Quest Springfield Central
  • RAAF Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre
  • Raceview Hotel
  • Rafter and Rose
  • Raw Energy Springfield
  • Remedy Espresso Cafe
  • Ripley Markets
  • Rosehill Apartments
  • Rosewood Showgrounds Camping Facility
  • Ruby Chews Burgers and Shakes
  • Scotland Yard Antiques
  • Seraphim Escape Rooms
  • Sip ‘n’ Dip Ipswich
  • Soul Sista Fashion
  • Southern Cross Transit
  • Special Branch Collective
  • Spicers Hidden Vale
  • Springfield Lakes Hotel
  • Springfield Markets
  • Starr Fine Art Atelier
  • St Shoebill
  • Studio 188
  • Tallavalley Farm B&B
  • The Black Museum
  • The Cafe Kalina – Stockland
  • The Cottage Restaurant
  • The Girls’ Coffee Bar
  • The Handmade Expo
  • The Llama Farm
  • The Racehorse Hotel
  • The Retro Diner
  • The Rosewood Railway
  • The Soul Cauldron
  • The Soul Nook Collective
  • The Vintage Advantage
  • The Workshops Rail Museum
  • Tommy Smith Café
  • Tranquil Tea House
  • Trevallan Lifestyle Centre
  • Trottie Becke
  • Ulli’s New Age Rockz
  • Ungermann Brothers Ice Cream Parlour
  • V8 Race Experience
  • Villa Modica
  • Villa on Ferguson
  • My Local Market (Walloon)
  • Watercress Creek Olives and Limes
  • Willowbank MX
  • Willowbank Raceway
  • Woodlands of Marburg

Current as at 12 July 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the rebate that I can apply for?

A $150 rebate is available for applications with between $750 and $1,499.99 (including GST) eligible associated expenditure.

A $300 rebate is available for applications with between $1,500 and $2,999.99 (including GST) eligible associated expenditure.

A $650 rebate is available for applications with $3,000 and over (including GST) eligible associated expenditure.

How many people have to be in my group for it to be eligible for the rebate?

To be eligible for the rebate, the group visiting Ipswich must consist of at least 10 paying participants.

How long do I have to submit my application?

Applications must be submitted within 30 days of the date that the group visited Ipswich.

Can I submit my application before my group visits Ipswich?

No. Rebate applications can only be lodged after the group visits Ipswich.

What happens once the application is submitted?

You will receive an automatic notification once your Ipswich Groups Rebate application has been submitted.

Representatives from Ipswich City Council’s Tourism Branch will then review the application and assess it against the Program’s Administrative Guidelines and eligibility criteria.

All applicants will receive email notification of the success of the application with 30 days of submission. Successful applicants will receive a confirmation email requesting a tax invoice for payment of the rebate to be made against.

What information do we need to submit with our application?

The following additional information must be provided at the time of application:

  • Travel itinerary details showing the Ipswich locations visited by the group.
  • Invoices and/or receipts verifying payment and expenditure made at the eligible Ipswich venues and experiences visited by the group

All invoices/receipts must clearly show:

  • The name of the paying organisation, which must be a business/trading name associated with the ABN of the rebate applicant;
  • The products or services which are being paid for and quantities for each (e.g. 32 x entry tickets, 16 x lunches, 48 x group tours); and
  • The total amount paid.
Can I submit more than one application?

Yes. Organisations can submit multiple rebate applications, as long as each application pertains to a separate group visiting Ipswich. Only one application can be lodged per group.

Can we receive our rebate payment via cheque?

Yes. Successful applicants will have the option to receive their rebate via cheque of direct deposit.

Which products and experiences are eligible under the rebate program?

Not all expenditure incurred by the group can be included in their rebate application.

The Ipswich Groups Rebate program only supports expenditure incurred at Ipswich’s tourism attractions, accommodation providers, tour operators and key restaurants and cafes, as indicated by their active listing on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW).

Click here to see the list of businesses at which expenditure is eligible for inclusion in an Ipswich Groups Rebate application.

Which organisation should be submitting the application?

Applications should be submitted the the organisation that was primarily responsible for organising the group’s visit to Ipswich. This may be include:

  • Tour/Charter Companies
  • Social Clubs (e.g. Probus)
  • Schools
  • Businesses organisation corporate or incentive group travel
Does the applicant organisation need to have an ABN to apply?

All organisations applying for an Ipswich Groups Rebate must have an active Australian Business Number (ABN) or a valid Incorporated Association (IA) number.

The Australian Business Number (ABN) enables organisations in Australia to deal with a range of government departments and agencies using a single identification number. There is no fee for organisations applying for an ABN online or by paper application. Click here for more information about ABNs.

Incorporated Association numbers are issued by State Governments and can be found on each state’s association register and on Certificates of Incorporation. Use these links to access the association registers for:

When does the Ipswich Groups Rebate program end?

The Ipswich Groups Rebate program is an ongoing program with no set end date at this time.

Should the program be cancelled, organisations that have subscribed for program updates will be notified 3 months prior to the end date for the program.

How do I subscribe for updates in the Ipswich Groups Rebate program?

Click here to subscribe below to receive regular updates about the Ipswich Groups Rebate program and the great range of group experiences, tours and offers available in the City of Ipswich.

Contact and Support

Our friendly team are available to help you plan your group’s visit to Ipswich.

For information on group experiences, activities and offers, please contact:

Phone: (07) 3281 0555
Email: [email protected]

For Ipswich Groups Rebate enquiries and application assistance, please contact:

Phone: (07) 3810 6630 – Karen
Phone: (07) 3810 7448 – Michael
Email: [email protected]
Mail: Marketing and Promotions Branch, Ipswich City Council, PO Box 191, Ipswich QLD 4305