64 Edmond Street‚ Marburg

Head to the country town of Marburg and discover a unique set of browse-worthy offerings.

Among them is The Black Museum, housing a cleverly sourced and curated collection of curios, art and antiquities – all of which are for sale.

It’s obvious the minute you walk in, that there’s an expert’s eye involved. Owner Athol Birnie grew up surrounded by remnants of bygone eras, and eventually helping in the business his father Les has run for many years now, Scotland Yard Antiques, just a bit further along Marburg’s main street.

The vast ever-changing collection includes pieces priced from a few dollars right through to stunning hard-to-find art valued into the several thousand.

Open by appointment during the week as well as on weekends.

The name continues the theme set by Scotland Yard Antiques – the famed London police headquarters where there is a Black Museum housing crime memorabilia. Athol’s Sister Emily
also runs with the theme in her garden shop and coffee stop next door, Special Branch Collective.

The three businesses are helping put this town on the map.

  • Non Smoking
  • Shop / Gift Shop