Extreme sport blazing a trail in Ipswich

Runners from around south-east Queensland are flocking to Ipswich for one of the world's fastest growing extreme sports - trail running.
19 Jan 2018
Sons of Adventure, Blogger


Extreme sport blazing a trail in Ipswich


Runners from around south-east Queensland will converge on Ipswich for three events being held over the next few weeks.  However, they won’t be pounding the pavement, they’ll be participating in one of the world’s fastest growing extreme sports … trail running.



Rather than running on roads or footpaths, trail running events take competitors off-road on fire roads, hiking trails and bush tracks.  As well as hills, runners will also face challenges such as rocks, roots, uneven ground and the occasional obstacle or berm.



In this event sponsored by Ipswich City Council, runners will choose between a long course (approx. 8-10km) and a short course (approx. 5km) in three different locations between January and March.  Locations include White Rock Spring Conservation Estate, Hidden Vale Adventure Park and Castle Hill.



Both the long and short distance races have competitors with a range of fitness levels, and this is definitely a sport that you can do at your own pace and still be guaranteed to have a good workout and a ton of fun.  Some people enter to challenge themselves, others just for fun and some to beat their PBs.

Those racing for a spot on the podium will tear up the trails at high speed, pushing themselves to the limit.  The harder and faster it is for these guys and girls, the better.

For those who like to enjoy nature at a more comfortable pace, there is also a free community walk.  This is a great opportunity to walk the trails at your own pace, get active and meet some new people.  Register online for the free community walk.



At each event, there’s a there’s a free kids race, which is a fun introduction to the sport.

There are three rounds in the series and runners can enter a single race or the whole series.  At the conclusion of the series, the runners who have the most series points in each of the categories are awarded the honour of Series Champions.

Trail running combines the benefits of exercise, nature and fun and is a prefect recipe for adventurous souls of all ages.



Register online


Registrations are open online and registrations on the day are accepted but attract an additional fee.

Round 1 – White Rock Spring Mountain Conservation Estate

Date: Sunday 21 January

Location:  Paperbark Flats Picnic Area (Access via School Rd)

Schedule and event details here.

Round 2 – Hidden Vale Adventure Park

Date:  Sunday 11 February

Location: 617 Grandchester Rd, Grandchester

Schedule and event details here.

Round 3 – Castle Hill Blackstone Reserve

Date: Sunday 4 March

Location: Mary St, Blackstone

Schedule and event details here.


Ipswich adventure

Hungry for more adventure?


There’s no shortage of adventure opportunities around Ipswich and the best part is that you don’t have to travel far.  Whether you love mountain bike riding, hiking, canoeing or just exploring with the family, Ipswich has it all.

For mountain bikers Ipswich has some world-class locations for both families and elite riders.  Check out the mountain bike parks at Castle Hill Blackstone Reserve which is only 5 minutes from Ipswich CBD and Hidden Vale Adventure Park, which features over 100km of track built by World Trail.

For a great family adventure, consider riding from Fernvale to Ipswich on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail and enjoy seeing historic relics of the old railway while enjoying the stunning country scenery.

If hiking is more your thing, some great spots to explore as a family include the many options at White Rock, Denmark Hill and Purga Nature reserve.  One of the best bushwalks for families is the White Rock Ridge Trail, with it’s amazing views, interesting landscape and abundance of wildlife.

For a more challenging hike, why not try Flinders Peak?  It’s the highest peak in the Greater Brisbane region, and with a class five rating, it’s a hard, steep hike that’s very fun and rewarding.  The views from the summit are stunning in every direction, and make it well worth the effort.

There are more hiking and mountain biking options in the Flinders Plum area including Mt Blaine, Sandy Creek and the Flinders Goolman Trail, which is 19km one way and links Hardings Paddock to Flinders Plum Picnic Area.  Most of these trails can be explored on foot or on mountain bike.

Camping is also available at Hardings Paddock and it’s the perfect spot to use as a home base for an adventure weekend.  It’s a very quiet location, has reasonably priced camping fees and has trails that are suitable for walking and mountain biking.

Sons of Adventure Blogger
Sons of Adventure: Scott and Kate Bennie and their three sons love to get active in nature and encourage families around the world to do the same. They know the challenges of getting kids to disconnect from technology and plug into nature, and they see the positive benefits in their own boys aged 9,11 and 13 as they grow in fitness, confidence and resilience. They spend a lot of time in Ipswich and love how easy it is to find fun family adventures to suit everyone.

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