Winter cocktails to keep you warm

Warm up this winter with a great selection of winter cocktails on offer around Ipswich.
19 Jul 2019
Donna Isaacs, Photographer

If you’re like most of us and finding it a little hard to warm up these winter nights, try one of these winter cocktail concoctions when you’re out and about next.  They’re sure to warm you up.

Winter Wonderland

Pumpyard cocktail

Cocktail name: Winter Wonderland $15

This fresh frozen cocktail is the creation of Pumpyard Bar and Brewery bar manager Corinne Browne who told me it was as fresh as the blast of winter air hitting your face when leaving the heated indoors. The minty freshness in the taste made me think of white chocolate coconut balls.  Great to start your night with.


Coconut liquor



Coconut puree


Indian Mehfil cocktail

Cocktail Name: Maharani (means queen secret, Indian.) $15

Another homemade cocktail invented on the premises at Indian Mehfil. Served in a hurricane glass this easy drinking sweet lychee flavoured cocktail would be the perfect accompaniment to a hot curry. The Indian name of the cocktail suggests a “secret” ingredient listed here as Sunshine.

I’m told this is super popular with regular customers. 




Lychee liquor


Irish Coffee

Fourthchild cocktail

Cocktail name: Irish coffee

Devine! Creamy and warming. Perfect for a winter catch up which is great because Fouthchild Cafe Restaurant and Lounge Bar is open late.


Cup of long black double shot espresso

Jameson Irish whiskey

Sugar syrup

Whipped cream fresh

Coffee beans on top

Feijoa Fix

The Cottage cocktail

Cocktail Name: Feijoa fix $18

The feijoa fix at The Cottage Restaurant as the name suggests includes feijoa vodka which is a winter fruit.

An easy drinking cocktail for the apple cider fans though it carries a little more punch. The restaurant has an open fire and this choice of cocktail here will keep you as spritzy as the drink tastes, a very social cocktail to enjoy with dinner and friends.


42 below feijoa

Apple cider


Mint garnish

French Martini

Racehorse Hotel cocktail

Cocktail name: French Martini $13

Shaken not stirred, this tropical delight at the Racehorse Hotel is refreshing and easy to drink which would appeal to most people.

Main ingredients:

Vodka and chambord served in a martini glass with a glamorous tropical garnish.

Gordons Pink Gin Spritz

Brothers cocktail

Cocktail name: Gordons Pink Gin Spritz $7

Putting the ritz into spritz this sophisticated looking cocktail at Brothers Leagues Club is served in a red wine glass.

Gin lovers will adore the twist of strawberries used in this cocktail along with Prosecco and Lemonade.

Served at Bar 49 bartender Britnee Mifka (pictured) told me it is popular with Friday night crowds.

Screaming Banshee

Banshees cocktail

Cocktail name: Screaming Banshee $8

Hope you like it hot!

A mystery of well combined ingredients makes this cocktail easy to drink despite the obvious evidence of chilli. This original Creation by Banshees Bar is served tall or short with a burn in your belly. Pictured here is bar tender Rachel with the mysterious cocktail.

N.B this was my favourite!

Donna Isaacs Photographer
Donna Isaacs grew up on the beaches of New South Wales and moved to Ipswich to raise her four children, knowing just one contact in the city and having never been here before. Today, Donna is the founder of Instagram's @Ipswichhub account, while also volunteering at the Tivoli Drive-In Theatre and being a member of the Ipswich Show Society. Donna's manta is 'the more you put into a community, the more life will thrive'.

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