Tackle a beer tasting trail in Ipswich

If a refreshing coldie is calling your name, here's a few places to taste test...
04 Aug 2022
Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer

Ice cold, brewed to perfection, with just the right amount of bubbles – there’s nothing like a refreshing ale on a warm sunny day, or a heavier brew to get you through a colder one.

If you like beer, then you’re in luck in the heritage city, as there’s a few places to settle in and undertake some serious tasting.

So grab a designated driver and head off in search of new flavours!

First stop:  4 Hearts Brewing

4 hearts Pizzas _ beer

If you’re on a beer tasting trail in Ipswich, you can’t miss 4 Hearts Brewing home to Pumpyard Bar and Brewery.

This is Ipswich’s first local brewery and set inside the heritage 88 Limestone precinct.

You can order a tasting paddle and sit amongst the kegs.  The menu consists of sensational comfort food options including epic burgers, smoked meats and pizzas.

Don’t miss the Ipswich Challenger, Supermodel Australian Pale Ale, Sunshine Lager and Kickback Red IPA to name a few.  There’s also a ginger beer and Coal Miners Stout to wrap your lips around when you feel like trying something new. 

Second Stop: The Prince Alfred Hotel

Beers on tap at the Prince Alfred Hotel

The Prince Alfred Hotel has the biggest range of craft beers on tap in the southern hemisphere and with 72 beers and ciders on tap, in the Tap’d Bar, there’s more than you can taste in one afternoon.

We do recommend sharing tasting paddles here as you’ll want to try as many as you can and maybe check out their menu which pairs nicely with a brew including wings, pizza, steak and seafood.

The beer menu changes regularly but you’ll find a range of pale ales, IPAs, amber beers, dark beers, sours and fruit beers and even a gluten free drop on tap to taste.

Third Stop: Ballisic Springfield

Ballistic chicken burger

The third stop on this trail is Ballistic Springifeld.

Set inside what used to be the university bar, Ballistic offers locally brewed craft beers on tap as well as a beer infused food menu.

Try their range of beers with 20 on tap including their Hawaiian IPA, Ballistic Lager, Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout and more.

Don’t miss the weekday lunch special which comes with a drink for $20.


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