Summer cocktails to try this weekend

If the recent heat is starting to feel oppressive, we've got 5 ways to cool you down with refreshing cocktails...
21 Nov 2019
Donna Isaacs, Photographer

PA Hotel Fluffy Unicorn

Fluffy Unicorn $12.95 PA Hotek

Grape Zappo infused vodka. Do I need to add more?

Unique to the PA Hotel and something for the adults with a sweet tooth.

When I was young, it was my sister who was the sibling who enjoyed lollies the most. This made me think of her. Alcoholic liquid lolly power, pink and fluffy on top. Take the lolly lover in your life to try this!

Cost is $12.95.

Brothers Pink Gin Spritz

Pink Gin Spritz

Popular sophisticated and sassy pink gin cocktail.

Celebrate Fridays at Brothers with the Gordon’s Pink Gin Spritz. Served at Bar 49 outside the bistro entry it’s bound to bring on summer vibes.  Cost is $7.

CSI Fluffy Duck

Fluffy duck

A fluffy duck is a grownups version of a spider.  With a mix of cream and white rum the drink is topped with lemonade to produce the fluffy effect.

Light and refreshing served with a cocktail umbrella you’ll feel like you’re on a mid summer cruise with this drink in your hand at CSI.  Cost is $10.

Memories of India Sangria

Sangria cocktail jug at Memories of India.

Add some coolness to your curry with a jug of Sangria. Summer dinners are all about sharing and this traditional jug from Memories of India is the perfect date night accompaniment to chill with.  Cost is $22.

Jets Aqua Hurricane

Aqua hurricane

Bring some colour to the room with this cocktail from Jets.

On a hot summer afternoon sitting in the beautiful setting of the well-lit back bar, you can see the sunset opposite – it’s a perfect way to drink this cocktail which to me brings back a memory of eating Zooper Doopers in summer as a kid!  Cost is $12.

Donna Isaacs Photographer
Donna Isaacs grew up on the beaches of New South Wales and moved to Ipswich to raise her four children, knowing just one contact in the city and having never been here before. Today, Donna is the founder of Instagram's @Ipswichhub account, while also volunteering at the Tivoli Drive-In Theatre and being a member of the Ipswich Show Society. Donna's manta is 'the more you put into a community, the more life will thrive'.

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