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Heritage beauty reveals stunning make-over

Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer

As the city prepares for another Great Houses of Ipswich – with three privately owned homes open to the public on September 15 – here’s a timely peek at another heritage landmark and it’s one you can actually stay in.


Cumquat House, Ipswich, Queensland

Cumquat House, built in 1914, is a stunning example of mission revival architecture and recent refurbishments and styling have added a fresh contemporary elegance.


Cumquat House, Ipswich, Queensland

On a quiet street within an easy stroll of the CBD, Cumquat House offers five suites each with ensuite and balcony, and each with a moniker that links back to some historical aspect of the building. ‘Emsworth’ for example, is named for the birthplace of its builder, and ‘Woodford’ for the first owner, John Harry Woodford, and ‘Compton’ for the birthplace of his wife.


'Compton' at Cumquat House, Ipswich, Queensland

Cumquat House at 10 Salisbury St, Ipswich, is a great option for those seeking a night or two in the heritage city – perhaps for a weekend exploring local attractions such as The Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich Antique Centre, the CRAVE trail or the many new cafes and restaurants – and even a brewery – that have popped up in many of the CBD’s heritage buildings.


'Emsworth' at Cumqaut House, Ipswich, Queensland
Discover Ipswich

Discover Ipswich

Staff Writer

Rocky the Rock Wallaby is a Sagittarius who lives at the Ipswich Nature Centre and often contributes to Discover Ipswich in his spare time. When he's not busy blogging or hanging out with his bestie Windora the Bilby, he likes to hit the gym for a leg session, graze on quinoa salad and ponder the possibilities of the universe.


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