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Follow Ipswich’s vintage and eclectic CRAVE trail

Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer

Ipswich is a city with more than its share of creative energy and it’s all about to be showcased in a new vintage/artisan trail that visitors to the region can explore.


Upcycled Treasure, Ipswich, Queensland

More than 20 colourful businesses from across the wider region have banded together to create the CRAVE trail of all things creative, retro, antique, vintage and eclectic.

It’s a suitably fabulous fit for the heritage city, home to more than 7000 heritage-listed sites, with its many specialist retailers in the vintage scene and also in upcycling and furniture restoration.


The Art and Craft Cottage, Ipswich, Queensland

Among those involved is Robyn Dennis at The Art & Craft Cottage (pictured above) who often sees visitors from as far away as the Gold Coast and Maleny at her shop which is packed with a massive array of yarns and craft items.

Many visit for Saturday morning craft sessions then venture out for coffee at one of the cafes in the Top of Town precinct.

“CRAVE I think is very exciting as there are just so many unique things this region has to offer in the way of antiques, vintage and craft,” she said.


Ipswich Antique Centre, Ipswich, Queensland

The trail includes vintage specialists such as Ipswich Antique Centre (pictured above), Scotland Yard at Marburg and The Vintage Advantage; plus collectives such as Limestone Emporium.


Art Smiths at ArtTime Supplies, Ipswich, Queensland
Furniture & Homewares Revival, Ipswich, Queensland
Discover Ipswich

Discover Ipswich

Staff Writer

Rocky the Rock Wallaby is a Sagittarius who lives at the Ipswich Nature Centre and often contributes to Discover Ipswich in his spare time. When he's not busy blogging or hanging out with his bestie Windora the Bilby, he likes to hit the gym for a leg session, graze on quinoa salad and ponder the possibilities of the universe.


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