Why you should take the mountain bike to Hillview Drive

Hillview Drive is the perfect all rounder location for mountain biking...
18 Aug 2021
Luke Radley, Mountain bike enthusiast

Hillview Drive Reserve in Ipswich is a flowy 6km cross country loop featuring a variety of terrain. Only 200m from the beautiful Kholo Gardens, Hillview Drive is an ideal riding destination for a family day out. Here are my top five reasons to visit Hillview Drive circuit in Ipswich!


The 6km circuit is easily accessible for Ipswich and Brisbane riders. This alone is perfect for those days you do not feel like driving excessively to get a ride in. 

Variety of terrain

Mountain biking for me is not only the thrill of going fast and feeling free, but also a perfect way of getting my much-needed dose of nature. Hillview drive provides that and more.

From loose rocky descents to wide open flowy switchbacks and my personal favourite, a loamy rainforest section to finish it off, this 6km loop really has a bit of everything.

Kholo Gardens

Hillview Drive Kholo

One of the big attractions when going for a ride at Hillview, is Kholo Gardens just down the road. Kholo gardens shows off the natural wildlife with gorgeous bush walks running alongside the Brisbane River and a waterfall feature in the centre of the BBQ day area.

Not only a great spot for a post ride yarn, but the gardens also serve as a place to refill your water bottles.

Training Loop

Hillview Drive

Since starting riding mountain bikes and eventually racing them, I have always been on the hunt for a training circuit such as Hillview. The amount of climbing to descending ratio makes for a perfect training loop. Timing myself on each lap and seeing progress has been a great way to measure overall fitness as well as being highly rewarding watching as the lap times get faster!

Fun for everyone

Hillview Drive

With all levels of riding considered, the trail builders did a great job ensuring the circuit would not only be enjoyable for the faster riders but also suited to riders just starting off. Hillview drive will quickly gain popularity due to ease of access, location, riding ability and the trails on offer.

Luke Radley Mountain bike enthusiast
Hi I’m Luke Radley, I’ve ridden and raced mountain bikes all over Australia for the past 7 years. I also love making YouTube videos of my adventures here: https://www.youtube.com/c/AdventuresWithLukeVlogs/

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