Where to see Jacaranda blooms in Ipswich

Jacarandas, have made their home in Ipswich and each year put on a spectacular display from October through to November. Find out where to see the Jacaranda blooms in Ipswich.
07 Oct 2020

While Japan has cherry blossoms and the Netherlands have tulips, Ipswich has Jacaranda trees and there is no time more pretty than Spring in Ipswich, when the Jacaranda trees bloom and the landscape is dotted with splashes of purple.

Native to South America, Jacaranda mimosifolia or as we commonly call them, Jacarandas, have made their home in Ipswich and each year put on a spectacular display from October through to November.

During Spring parks, schools, backyards and footpaths bloom with purple but why not plan a visit to one of these locations for a truly magical display.

Timothy Moloney Park

St Mary's Church Ipswich

Located directly opposite the majestic heritage listed St Maryʼs Catholic Church, on the corner of Elizabeth, Mary and Ellenborough Streets lies Timothy Moloney Park.

Fringed with Jacaranda trees the purple blooms provide a glorious setting in which to admire St Maryʼs Church.

Donʼt rule out a visit after a rain shower as this is the time when the ground is covered in a purple carpet making the park breathtaking.

Pack a picnic or grab a coffee and slice of cake from Rafter and Rose, only a few minutes walk up Ellenborough Street, to enjoy while sitting under the Jacaranda trees.

Jacarandas in Ipswich

Evan Marginson Park and Brisbane Terrace, Goodna

Jacarandas in Goodna

Goodna has many beautiful established Jacaranda trees so many in fact that the suburb holds an annual Jacaranda Festival.

The highlight of the suburb is without a doubt Brisbane Terrace and Evan Marginson Park.

Take the Goodna exit from the M7 and you canʼt miss the splashes of purple that will greet you as you drive towards Evan Marginson Park.

Head around the park to Brisbane Terrace and be prepared to be in awe as you drive, or walk, this stretch of road which is lined with Jacaranda trees planted by local work gangs in 1932.

If you plan your visit the weekend when the Goodna Jacaranda Festival is on you are in for a purple themed family fun day and a fireworks display at night.  (Note the 2020 festival was cancelled due to Covid).

Goodna Jacarandas

Denmark Hill

Jacarandas from the basket of a hot air balloon flight

For a Jacaranda lookout experience head to Denmark Hill, make your way to the water tower and then climb up the ladder to the lookout on top of the water tank where you can enjoy 360 degree views of Ipswich and surrounding areas.  (Note the water tower is closed for maintenance).

Or if you prefer why not book a Floating Images Hot Air Balloon Flight or a helicopter flight to really admire Ipswich during Jacaranda season.

Jacarandas in Ipswich
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