Where to find dinosaurs and fossils in Ipswich

For all the dinosaur lovers out there, here's where to find fossils, footprints and dinosaur models
27 Dec 2021
Patricia Poole, Family travel writer

Take a step back in time and have a peek at our prehistoric past with these sites around Ipswich… 

Johnston Park

Johnston Park _5

Johnston Park in Rosewood has a life-sized reconstruction of a Rosewood Swamp Tramper. 

This theropod dinosaur lived in the area during the Middle Jurassic period, more than 165 million years ago.  

With the dinosaur, is also a nest of eggs (that our dinosaur is guarding), two baby dinosaurs and a replica of fossil footprints. 

These footprint fossils were found 140 metres underground in coal mines around Rosewood in the 1930s to the 1990s. 

Theropod footprints are the most common dinosaur fossils found in the Rosewood area, which may reflect the region’s ancient swamp settings which were a preferred environment for these meat-eating dinosaurs. 

With sheltered picnic tables, barbeques, toilets and a playground, why not make a morning of it. 

Johnston Park is located at 61 John Street Rosewood.

Ipswich Central Library

Ipswich Children's Library

The Ipswich Central Children’s Library has two life-sized dinosaurs calling the library home, suspended from the ceiling.

If you’ve got a dinosaur fan at your place you can tell them you’re off to feed dinosaurs at the new library. Yes, young explorers can “feed” the resident Plesiosaurs through an interactive pipe experience then watch the food (a colourful scarf) as it zips around the pipes.

It’s a heap of fun to track the scarf as it flows through the pipes and finally falls from the tubes.  You can also sit and read a book on dinosaurs or any of the many children’s books, in one of the unusual seats.

The Children’s Library is on the ground floor of the Ipswich City Council building, 1 Union Place, Ipswich.

Haig Street Quarry

Plant fossils and petrified wood has been found at the Haig Street Quarry.

This reserve is also home to many water birds that live in and around the Quarry Pond.

In springtime there is a lovely display of wildflowers.  It is also a great place for bird-watching and a picnic.

The Haig Street Quarry Bushland Reserve preserves an example of dry eucalypt forest, once common in the Brassall area.  There are barbeques, a playground, picnic shelters and toilets.

Find the reserve at 62 High Street, Brassall.

Please note that you aren’t allowed to fossick or take anything from the conservation and bushland areas mentioned above.

Patricia Poole Family travel writer
Patricia has lived in Ipswich all of her life and has watched Ipswich grow into the beautiful city it is today. With three boys of her own and grandchildren to follow, Patricia is in the know of all the family friendly hot spots.

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