Top 6 Ipswich parks for little kids

If you're looking for dedicated parks for little kids, here's a guide to six epic parks in Ipswich.
09 Aug 2017
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Top 6 Ipswich Parks for Little Kids

We’re blessed here to have heaps of amazing parks and playgrounds in our region – it is almost as though the local planners and designers are competing against each other to see who can create the perfect playground – which is great for both the kids and for parents!

And with summer quickly approaching, it’s great to know that there are plenty of options when it comes to providing fun places to cool down! There are some amazing water-play parks and playgrounds around the area, and a number of these are zero-depth so they are great for the littlest of our explorers, but still heaps of refreshing fun for the bigger guys! It does however make it a little difficult to decide on which one to visit! Here are some of our picks for parks and playgrounds in Ipswich, as viewed from a family with little kids!

Robelle Domain

Robelle Domain is a parkland that is right up there as being one of the best parks in the south east, and I’m sure more than a few people might argue that it is the best! It’s not hard to see why either, as there is so much to do here – from a picnic or a quiet stroll along the kilometres of pathways, or getting into the action at the water-play park, playground, grab a coffee at one of the cafés or pack your swimmers for Orion Lagoon!


As good as the ‘dry’ playground is, it’s the water-play area that attracts all the attention! It’s really fun, with soft-fall floor, lots of sprinklers and a giant dumping bucket! It’s great fun for the little kids but perhaps even better for the bigger guys!

Bob Gamble Park

Bob Gamble Park at the River Heart Parklands is another one of the better ones – a superbly laid out playground which incorporates both wet and dry playgrounds and plenty of shady spots for parents to sit, relax and supervise! There a two different water-play areas – one zero depth with a soft fall floor which is great for the littlest adventurers! There is also a dry playground area with all the features we’ve come to expect in a modern park – plenty of things to climb, swings, sand pit, slides, a flying fox, lawn areas, picnic tables (shaded), barbeques and a river-side boardwalk!

Bob Gamble Park

But wait, there’s more! Venture into the forest and you will find two fort-style playgrounds hidden away in there! If you have some little park aficionados in your family, we are sure that even the fussiest would be impressed by Bob Gamble Park!

Lobley Park

The award-winning Lobley Park is a super fun park with an airplane theme – paying a bit of a tribute to Ipswich’s connection with the air force! Our little guys loved playing in the airplane, there’s also an air traffic control tower and parachute swings! Heaps of space for running about and all the usual playground fare – swings, slides and story time area, as well as barbeques and tables for your picnic or party!

Lobley Park

A great network of paths makes it very accessible for all wheeled devices! It’s a quality park and its awesome aeronautical theme really defines it! For a dry-playground area, this one might be our pick for those with younger kids!


Another park vying for Ipswich’s best playground’s top spot is Splash’n’Play at South Ripley, and it really is an amazingly fun spot! For the more adventurous kids there is a huge elevated skywalk and slide area, spider climbing nets, flying fox and more! The little guys are well catered for too, but it’s the ‘aquativity’ area that is the main attraction here with so many sprays, streams and sprinklers that you will always maintain your cool even in the hottest summer days! This park is great and caters for all age groups!

Splash and Play

Honour Park

A lesser known park (perhaps?) is Honour Park in East Ipswich. Fully fenced, it ticks all the boxes of a modern park, and is definitely a quieter park which for many families – especially those with smaller kids – is a big plus! Great barbeque and picnic facilities, awesome climbing areas, a really fun fort-style playground and throw in a couple of basketball hoops for good measure – this park and playground doesn’t really lack anything and may give you a slightly less crowded experience!

Ipswich Honour Park

Queens Park

And, finally, one of our favourite parks in the Ipswich region, which is also the one with the most history – the heritage listed Queens Park. It is a huge expanse of rolling lawns and beautiful gardens and a few playgrounds thrown in for good measure! The area has been set aside as a park since 1858 and it even has a wonderful little nature centre – which itself has been welcoming people since 1936! The playgrounds are really fun – there is a little bit of water to play in and it’s all set up in the theme of coal mining – reflecting the region’s history!

Queens Park

The multi-level (due to the slope of the ground) playground might make it a bit of a worry for the little guys who are not so sure on their feet, but there are also a number of barbeque areas and picnic tables to enjoy, or perhaps just relax on the lawns and take in the views of the gardens – they truly are magnificent!

The Ipswich Nature Centre is located in the same precinct and is great for kids of all sized. It houses native Australian animals and birds, and the kids love seeing the Bilbies, Wombats, Kangaroos, Swans, Wallabies and other animals. Entry is a gold coin donation and is worth a day trip in itself.

Ipswich Nature Centre
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