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Ipswich has gained a very worthy reputation for being a fantastic place for families, so it goes without saying that there are heaps of attractions for the kids!
10 Sep 2020
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Ipswich has gained a very worthy reputation for being a fantastic place for families, so it goes without saying that there are heaps of attractions for the kids! Here are some of our picks to see and do in Ipswich.

Brisbane Family Explorers at the Ipswich Nature Centre

Queens Park is a definite must see in Ipswich! This huge area of public parkland is fantastic for the little guys with its wonderful playground and rolling lawns, you can grab a bite to eat at the Queens Park Café or even check out some native wildlife at the free Ipswich Nature Centre, which is within the precinct!

Brisbane Family Explorers at Nerima Gardens

And while you are at Queens Park, you really should take the time to have a walk through the beautiful Japanese-style Nerima Gardens. You’re sure to enjoy the tranquility while the kids will love spotting turtles in the lake or one of the many water dragon lizards sunning themselves!

Brisbane Family Explorers at the Ipswich Art Gallery

Do your little guys have an artistic streak? Ipswich Art Gallery really is a class act and deserves to be mentioned as a highlight not just in Ipswich but in the greater South East region! They have some really great kids’ programs due to the experience they have in this regard – they were the first gallery in Australia to have a dedicated kids’ gallery!


Ipswich is rightly proud of its association with the air force, so a visit to RAAF Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre is another highlight of the region! They usually open their doors once a month to allow visits to the museum located on the base and the kids will love checking out the planes – there are even few to climb aboard!

*Due to Covid restrictions the museum is only opening during the week for group bookings, please visit their website for up to date information.


Active kids need a release of energy, and how could the kids not enjoy themselves at Just Jump in Redbank, with its fantastic indoor jumping castles and obstacle courses and a wonderful platform of outdoor trampolines! The kids will definitely have a blast here at Just Jump! 

Brisbane Family Explorers at Lobley Park

Lobley Park is a wonderful little park with an aviation theme – paying a bit of a tribute to Ipswich’s connection with the Air Force! Kids will love the aeroplane to play in, there’s also an air traffic control tower and parachute swings! There’s also heaps of space for running about and all the usual playground fare – swings, slides and story time area, as well as barbeques and tables for your picnic or party! Fantastic fun and the aeroplane is something that the kids will always remember!

Brisbane Family Explorers at Orion Lagoon

Summers are hot here in Ipswich, but kids have plenty of free options to cool down and still have heaps of fun! Along with the exceptional all round facilities of Springfield’s Robelle Domain Parklands, the water-play area with its zero-depth soft-fall floor, lots of sprinklers and a giant dumping bucket is simply fantastic for the little guys! Nearby Orion Lagoon is a huge public pool area, complete with lifeguards and a great for kids of all ages.

Brisbane Family Explorers at Bob Gamble Park

Not to be outdone, Bob Gamble Park at the Riverheart Parklands is another must visit in the summer months! It too has zero-depth water playgrounds wonderful dry playgrounds, lawn areas, picnic tables (shaded), barbeques, a river-side boardwalk and more. You would be hard-pressed not to enjoy yourself here!

Brisbane Family Explorers at Colleges Crossing

Another park vying for Ipswich’s best playground’s top spot is Splash ’n’ Play at South Ripley, and it really is an amazingly fun spot! Its highlights include a huge elevated skywalk and fantastic aquativity area with so many sprays, streams and sprinklers that you will always maintain your cool even in the hottest summer days!

But for longevity it’s hard to look past Colleges Crossing. With its wonderful playgrounds, rolling lawns and lovely river views, it’s not hard to see why it has been a popular picnic spot for over 100 years.

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