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Here are some of the top spots to grab a piece of history yourself.
20 Jul 2022
Kate Webster, Travel Writer

It is no surprise that Ipswich, a town rich with history and numerous heritage listed commercial buildings, is a vintage shoppers haven. A stroll in and around Ipswich will uncover some hidden gems and have you bargain hunting for unique items that aren’t produced anymore.

The unique collection of antique shops in the region, offer vintage wares, classic clothes and timeless treasures. Some of the shops are vintage themselves, boasting their own piece of local history. Ipswich’s history began in 1827 when it was a mining settlement and much of its original architectural, natural and cultural heritage is still left untouched in the area.

This history goes beyond the architecture, as Ipswich also boasts an impressive collection of vintage and antique shops. So as you travel around Ipswich and the surrounding area and see the historical beauties, make sure you pop into the shops and you will uncover many gorgeous antique collections.

Here are some of the top spots to grab a piece of history yourself.

Ipswich Antique Centre

Posters at the Ipswich Antique Centre

You can’t go past the Ipswich Antique Centre at 86 East Street. This long-standing staple in Ipswich’s community is housed in the Heritage Listed Uniting Church Central Memorial Hall.

Built in 1895, the building itself is as impressive as the treasures that can be found inside. There is everything from bric-a-brac, vintage clothing and exquisite antique jewellery to paint supplies, ceramic wares and even vinyl records. The Ipswich Antiques Centre should be your first port of call for finding yourself a unique item. 

The Vintage Advantage

Discover Ipswich – Around Region. Photo Credit – Kate Webster (5)

In the main street of Ipswich is where you will find The Vintage Advantage. Stepping in here is like stepping back in time. It has a little bit of everything, from kitschy items, retro clothing to all sorts of eclectic things.

What may have been one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure, just waiting to be picked out at The Vintage Advantage. This shop is a must if you are seeking something truly quirky. 

Scotland Yard Antiques

Scotland Yard Antiques

Located just outside of Ipswich’s centre in Marburg, is the treasure trove of Scotland Yard Antiques. Operating for 25 years, this town icon boasts an array of Victorian and Edwardian items, alongside touches of a country-vibe with cast iron fences, rustic doors and gates, and characteristic finds from Queenslander houses.

Items don’t last long here as shoppers are quick to pick up a bargain, allowing new treasures to be discovered. Be prepared to part with some money here. 

Oh! JoJo Boutique

Discover Ipswich – Around Region. Photo Credit – Kate Webster (9)

Ok so this isn’t so much a vintage or antique shop, but it has some unique items for your retail therapy. A den of loveliness for fashionistas of all ages, at Oh! JoJo you will find a world of fashion, accessories and jewellery from an eclectic assortment of hard-to-find labels.

The stock is changing all the time so it’s one of those places worth stopping by from time to time – whether you’re looking for something for a particular event or just checking out what’s fresh and exciting for the latest season.

The Retro Diner

Discover Ipswich – Around Region. Photo Credit – Kate Webster (12)

If all the shopping has you peckish, keep in the theme and drop into The Retro Diner for a unique retro dining experience.  This diner has a fun, energetic vibe, just like that of a classic 50’s and 60’s American style diner – jukebox included.

As if the old memorabilia strung around the pretty pink and blue walls wasn’t enough, you will love the old fashioned homestyle cooking with a modern quirky twist, all made with locally sourced produce.

For more quirky shopping locations to check out see our shopping and markets page, or check out The Soul Nook Collective.

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