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Seven things to try at the Ipswich Show

Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer

It’s show time this Friday to Sunday and if you’re among the thousands heading to the Ipswich Show this year, you’re going to need to know what to eat while you’re there! Here’s a little taste of what to expect.

Meatballs… with your fries

Loaded fries from La Cucina Mobile

Um… is this even allowed!? We’ve heard of loaded fries but this version takes the concept to new heights. These oh-so-American chips are loaded with bellisimo Italian meatballs! And topped with besciamella cream and parmesan – you’ll find them from the good folk at the La Cucina Mobile food truck.

Go Brazillian

Brazillian BBQ

Just follow your nose to this show newcomer – authentic Brazillian BBQ chicken cooked over charcoal on site. This food truck crew is making their way from the Gold Coast for their Ipswich Show debut.


The sweetest thing…

Sample honey at the Ipswich Show

Taste free samples of many types of honey at the Ipswich and West Moreton Beekeepers Association stand in the agricultural pavilion. The creamed cinnamon and ginger versions are a couple to look out for if you’re after something different. While you’re there, take in some live beekeeping and honey extraction demonstrations, and there’s plenty of honey to buy too!

A taste of Spain

Churros de Oro
Churros de Oro – regulars at the monthly Springfield Markets at Robelle Domain might have already tried these cinnamon-y sticks of sweetness. We reckon the classic Spanish treat will be a crowd-pleaser at the show too.  

‘Wedding cake’ shaved ice

Shaka Shack shaved ice

Hawaiian Shaved Ice – head for the vintage Kombi proffering powdery shaved ice and pick your topping – there’s everything from guava or lychee to cappuccino and ‘wedding cake’. The Shaka Shack food van is trekking south from the Sunshine Coast to be at the show.


German sausages with a twist

The Wiener Wagon

German sausages are the specialty of The Wiener Wagon so head here if it’s a cheesy kransky or hearty bratwurst you need to propsel you through your big day out at the show!


The loaded sweet potato

The loaded sweet potato from This Little Piggie

For pork lovers, get thee to This Little Piggie for burger-y goodness and out-of-the-box creations such as the loaded sweet potato.


Still hungry for more? Ipswich is home to many regular markets and special events throughout the year – keep up to date with the Discover Ipswich blog.

Discover Ipswich

Discover Ipswich

Staff Writer

Rocky the Rock Wallaby is a Sagittarius who lives at the Ipswich Nature Centre and often contributes to Discover Ipswich in his spare time. When he's not busy blogging or hanging out with his bestie Windora the Bilby, he likes to hit the gym for a leg session, graze on quinoa salad and ponder the possibilities of the universe.


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