New treats at Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa

Is it time for some pampering? Or maybe you're looking for a gift idea, whatever your reason find an excuse to check out new treats at Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa today.
10 Dec 2019
Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer

Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa has undergone a massive expansion bringing the total number of treatment rooms at the Brisbane Rd spa to 12.

Inspiration for the extension was taken from The Now Massage in New York with bohemian styling, high ceilings and rattan pendants.

The day spa in Ipswich’s Top of Town precinct celebrated 10 years of business this year and is a popular destination for relaxation.

Find a reason to check out some new treats at Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa today!

Exposed beams at Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa

The new rooms feature exposed beams bearing the names of early Ipswich residents, like Foote, Zinglemann, Wrigby and Gould.

As it turns out the building the day spa now occupies, 196 Brisbane St, was built back in the early 1900s with beams that came from a play shed erected at the Ipswich Grammar School in 1877.

The boys at the Grammar school used to climb up into the rafters and inscribe their names.

When the building first opened it was Palmers Plumbing Supplies, later it became a hardware store and was once a real estate office and a fish and chip shop.

“I’m glad the beams are on show again,” Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa co-owner Sonja Glinster said.

Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa

Mrs Glinster started in the business as a massage therapist and had a vision for it to grow into a day spa.

When she first moved into the Brisbane St building it looked much different. 

“It was vacant,” Mrs Glinster said.

“It was a mess, there were electrical wires everywhere, and there was a cat with a litter of kittens in the back room.”

Despite that Mrs Glinster turned it into a place of sanctuary and stillness.

Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa has progressively expanded over the years from a staff of one, to now 21 employees.

Hanging chairs at Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa

“I’ve always been interested in health and wellness.  Stress is a big thing in people’s lives.  Studies have shown that massage can reduce stress. 

“It’s downtime for the mind and good for the body.  Prevention is so much better than the cure.”

Mrs Glinster has invested in specialised pregnancy massage tables, noise cancelling headphones and a VIP lounge area with hanging chairs perfect for foot massages.

She plans to start yoga classes in 2020.

Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa is open seven days a week offering massage, facials, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, osteopathy, spa therapy and spa parties for up to 12 people as well as infrared body treatments, skin care products and essential oils.

Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa
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