Meet the gang at the Ipswich Nature Centre

In pictures - Ipswich Nature Centre, from the crew who look after the animals and can sometimes not resist a picture.
27 Nov 2018
Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer

One of this city’s best kept secrets is the Ipswich Nature Centre, nestled into historic Queens Park in the heart of the city. The centre is run by a dedicated team of animal-loving staff who sometimes are unable to resist capturing unexpected outbursts of cuteness on their phones. Here’s a collection of their favourite moments.


Dingo pups are among the newest additions to the nature centre in 2018.

Milly the Wombat – lowres

Milly the Wombat wakes up like this! As one of the stars at the Ipswich Nature Centre she’s ready for visitors as soon as she leaves her cosy straw bed.

Bush-stone Curlew

The bird with the haunting call and unusual nesting habits… the ever-intriguing bush-stone curlew.

Frilly sunning 2

A frilly necked lizard enjoying the sun.

Luna – Spotted tailed Quoll

Luna the spotted-tail quoll is popular with young visitors who love to watch her dart around her enclosure.

Lucky – Magpie goose

Lucky the magpie goose is one of the farm animals at the centre.


Blue-tongue Skink

A blue tongue skink flashes his namesake. Moments like these make zoo-keepers love their work.

Rocky in tree

Not something you see every day! A rock wallaby up a tree at the Ipswich Nature Centre.

The centre is open free of charge from 9.30am to 4pm Tuesday to Sunday and daily during school holidays.  And while you’re there you can also check out Queens Park Cafe, Nerima Japanese Gardens and the vast gardens, plays and playgrounds of Queens Park.


Discover Ipswich Staff Writer
Rocky the Rock Wallaby is a Sagittarius who lives at the Ipswich Nature Centre and often contributes to Discover Ipswich in his spare time. When he's not busy showing tourists around, blogging or hanging out with his bestie Milly the Wombat, he likes to hit the gym for a leg session, graze on quinoa salad and ponder the possibilities of the universe.

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