Luxurious wedding proposal idea…

Wedding Proposal Idea: Heli-picnic tours are becoming more and more popular for couples looking to pop the question in style!
11 Feb 2020
Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer

PETER Wilkes was flying high after his girlfriend said “Yes” during a heli-picnic tour on the banks of the Brisbane River in Ipswich.

Mr Wilkes said he had kept his wedding proposal idea for fiance Jessica a secret, even making her cover her eyes when driving through the entrance to Pterodactyl helicopters Lake Manchester Head Quarters.

“It was hard to keep it a secret,” he told us.

Mr Wilkes had been building up to a big proposal in Paris, stringing his girlfriend along for months by taking her on many proposal worthy holidays, and to beautiful locations including a gondola ride along the Brisbane River.

Heli-tour picnic on the banks of the Brisbane River

But on August 11 this year, after the couple arrived to a secluded spot on the Brisbane River where The Soul Nook Collective had set up a beautiful bell tent and lunch spread including champagne, which came in handy, he decided to pop the question.

“We went to a nice spot on the river bank, I went down on one knee.”

After Jessica said yes, they celebrated with a glass of bubbly before being picked up and flown to Spicers Hidden Vale for a mini-break.

The team at Spicers were awaiting their arrival with more champagne.

“It was very special, relaxing and exciting.

“She had no idea where we were going, then she saw the bell tent.”

The Brisbane-based couple plan to marry in November 2020.

Pterodactyl Helicopters

Heli-picnic tours are offered by Pterodactyl Helicopters in conjunction with The Soul Nook Collective.  They are held on private land that is totally secluded.  Once you have been dropped off the helicopter leaves you and your date to eat lunch and relax.

The helicopter rides can include a scenic flight over Ipswich, lunch, drinks and last for as long as you like (weather permitting), you just need to be picked up before the sun sets.

The picnic package starts at $1530 for two people.

If your partner has said yes, check out this list of romantic places to tie the knot in Ipswich.


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