Wait, is this Ipswich… or Melbourne?

There's a great vibe emerging on the heritage city's dining and coffee scene these days.
26 Nov 2018
Mike Hilburger, Photographer
The stately red-brick façade of 88 Limestone belies the spirited goings-on behind when we arrive to check out the Ipswich restaurant scene on a Friday afternoon.
pumpyard 2
Once we take a few steps from the footpath and head down the laneway, a whole new world reveals itself in the heart of the heritage precinct. Sitting at one of the alfresco tables outside Pumpyard Bar & Brewery – the home of 4 Hearts Brewing – you could easily be forgiven for thinking you’ve teleported right into a hip Melbourne dining precinct.
Pumpyard (2)
This Friday night, the place is pumping with great beer flowing and live music setting the scene for the night ahead. The upbeat crowd spills from indoor tables to those outside.
pumpyard 2
Pumpyard is so named for the pumpyard that once operated on this site, distributing water to the city. The buildings themselves came later, early in the 1900s, when the Ipswich Technical College opened.
After sampling a whole bunch of tasty brews (and picking up a growler of their finest for later) we make our way next door to Dovetails Restaurant restaurant. The big welcoming dining deck wrapping around a huge old tree, had our name all over it.
The next day we visit Rafter & Rose and are again blown away by the contemporary ambience in another historic space.
Rafter and Rose was recently voted in Queensland’s top 50 cafes and it’s easy to see why. The cabinet is heaving with good things and there are supplies of homemade preserves and organic produce for sale, adding to the wholesome vibe.
Rafter & Rose -Ipswich dining
Great coffee and a hearty breakfast sets us up for another day of exploring the heritage city. Ipswich, that is, not Melbourne.
rafter& rose
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Mike Hilburger Photographer
Mikey Hilburger has had a few jobs – including camel breaker, trawlerman and gold miner but it is his 30 odd years behind a camera that have really shaped his life. He has shot for metropolitan newspapers as well as national and international publications, and worked extensively in film and TV – on camera and behind it. He’s also a founding member of the infamous Shank Brothers BBQ team and the mad genius behind Picklehead Pickles. Never a dull moment!

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