Ipswich photographer reveals our most beautiful spots to capture

We asked Chrystal from Chrystal Rose Photography to share some of her favourite Ipswich photo locations.
23 Aug 2023
Chrystal Rose, Photographer at Chrystal Rose Photography

When I first visited Ipswich eight years ago, what stood out to me the most was the old buildings rich in history, the beautifully renovated Queenslanders and the views of the mountains. Over the past eight years I’ve witnessed the development and growth the Ipswich region has undergone to create a beautiful little city that so many are proud to call home.

So, when I was asked by the Ipswich City Council to capture Ipswich through my eye as a photographer you can imagine my excitement at capturing some of my favourite spots. As a family, lifestyle and wedding photographer, this really got me out of my comfort zone, which I loved!

Queens Park glasshouse PHOTO: Chrystal Rose Photography

My first stop was the Queens Park glass house at around 11am on a sunny day.  I absolutely fell in love with the way the glass house lights up with misty windows from the front. Surrounded by a meticulously manicured garden, it’s a photographers dream. I can’t help but picture some cute family photos have been captured here.

Inside the Queens Park glasshouse. PHOTO: Chrystal Rose Photography

Right beside this glasshouse is another which I had been dying to go inside for quite a while, however I had never managed to catch it on a day it was open.  Turns out it’s the third weekend of each month and I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it was open. I was not disappointed! It is filled with lush greenery, small ponds and great lighting and I can’t wait to shoot a bride and groom in here one day.

The View from Lions Lookout PHOTO: Chrystal Rose Photography

I really wanted somewhere to capture the city centre of Ipswich as the skyline is constantly changing with new development. So, I made my way up to Lions lookout and it was the perfect spot to really absorb the beauty of a small city nestled in amongst rolling hills and mountain backdrops. It was peaceful, as I was the only one up there, I imagined the view at sunset with a picnic rug, some takeout, and my husband and daughter on the lawn below the lookout overlooking the city lights.   ​

Ipswich Library PHOTO: Chrystal Rose Photography

Next, I made my way into the city to Tulmur Place in Nicholas Street which I knew had been recently developed and is becoming a more popular spot. I couldn’t believe how much it had changed. The Library building design really stood out to me and it felt like a really inviting space so I snapped a pic.

The Ipswich Soldier's Memorial Hall PHOTO: Chrystal Rose Photography

Down the other end of Nicholas Street, I found the Soldiers Memorial Hall and instantly fell in love with the big brick building. In front, there was another carefully manicured garden inviting me in.

Ipswich City sunrise. PHOTO: Chrystal Rose Photography

I wanted to capture Ipswich in different lighting and different times to really try and capture what I see. So, I got up early and braved the cold in the hope I would capture some low-lying fog in amongst the city upon sunrise. My favourite moment was watching as the city transitioned from blue to golden hour. At the start of golden hour, the sun was just scraping the top of the buildings and trees. It was a moment to really soak in.

Rooflines from the top of Murphy Street on the corner of Chelmsford Ave PHOTO: Chrystal Rose Photography

And I loved the rooflines with the mountains in the background at the top of Murphy Street on the corner of Chelmsford Ave. I couldn’t get enough.

St Mary's Church, captured from the Ipswich City Council building. PHOTO: Chrystal Rose Photography

I couldn’t not capture a photo with St Mary’s Catholic Church as a feature, given I can’t take my eyes off it every time I drive past. What an icon this building is. I requested access to the new Council building to see what kind of views I could get to capture the church from a different perspective, and I loved how the images turned out. They really captured the beauty of the church’s surrounds, sitting tall behind Timothy Moloney Park, next to St Mary’s Primary School surrounded by renovated Queenslanders.

The Commonwealth Hotel in Ipswich (the building is currently being refurbished) PHOTO: Chrystal Rose Photography

As I made my way out of the council building, I had no one around to interrupt the photo so I took the opportunity to snap a pic of the Commonwealth Hotel. How could I not? Look at it. I can’t wait to see what happens with this building to add to the great vibe and feel Ipswich is creating.

Tallegalla Two Tree Hill Road PHOTO: Chrystal Rose Photography

And lastly, my favourite spot of all. As a family and lifestyle photographer in Ipswich, I am lucky enough to have access to some stunning rural properties in the Ipswich region, where I do a majority of my photos. On my way out to one of them along Tallegalla Two Tree Hill Road there are stunning unobstructed views of the mountains. This was one of the first spots I knew I had to share, when I was asked to take these images. This spot is most captivating at sunset.

Woodlands of Marburg PHOTO: Chrystal Rose Photography

As a photographer in Ipswich, there is an abundance of different beautiful spots to capture memories for my clients. This little project has helped me see the beauty everywhere I look within the Ipswich region. I am forever grateful to be able to share these with you.

Chrystal Rose Photographer at Chrystal Rose Photography
I am a wife to the most loving and supportive husband. I am a mum to one fire cracker of a little lady and most importantly, I am me. I love photography, design, fitness, all things motherhood, adventure, animals, LOVE and connection both through relationships and friendships. My goal as a photographer is to capture real, genuine human moments as I see it through my lens. Also to give my clients memories they can look back at and treasure in the years to come.

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