Incredible finds from the Ipswich Antique Centre in the past 10 years…

In the last 10 years the Ipswich Antique Centre has sold an impressive variety of collectables...
12 Oct 2021
Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer

The Ipswich Antique Centre is a treasure trove of collectables and hard to find items located in a former Sunday School hall.  The heritage listed Congregational Sunday School Hall was built in 1895 and last December marked 10 years since owners Heather and John Mildwaters renovated the building and opened it to the public.

They provide a base for some 25 antiques dealers to showcase their collections to buyers.

Over the past 10 years there’s been a few memorable sales… Find out what they are below.

Edison Gramophone

Edison Gramophone Ipswich Antique Centre

An Edison Gramophone in amazing condition sold for $1200 back in 2011 and was complete with its original horn.

Black bear

Black bear trophy mount Ipswich Antique Centre

A full size black bear trophy mount sold for $3750 in 2012!

Brass, iron and porcelain bed

Queen size brass, iron and porcelain bed Ipswich Antique Centre

A queen size brass, iron and porcelain bed sold for $5500 in 2018 and was a superb original bed professionally extended and restored.

Ford blitz truck

Ford blitz truck Ipswich Antique Centre

A Ford blitz truck sold for $2500 in 2018 and was from the WW2 era, built in the USA.


Luna Park spaceship ride Ipswich Antique Centre

A Luna Park spaceship ride sold for $1495 in 2014 and was from Luna Park, Sydney, NSW (grandson NOT included!)

Harvey School pottery

Harvey School pottery Ipswich Antique Centre

A selection of Harvey School pottery, hand built in Queensland, and a ginger jar sold for $1750 in 2018.

The lemonade set in the picture sold for $2950 in 2019, the double handled vase for $950 in 2018, the tray for $495 in 2019, and the cheese dish with mouse on top went to New York in the USA for $1250 in 2013.

Cloisonne lamps

Cloisonné lamps Ipswich Antique Centre

A pair of Cloisonné lamps sold for $1950 in 2018, and had been converted from vases by a previous owner.

Gold butterfly brooch

9ct gold butterfly brooch Ipswich Antique Centre

Valued at $2147, a 9ct gold butterfly brooch sold for $1295 in 2013.

Pauls ice cream sign

Pauls ice cream sign Ipswich Antique Centre

A Pauls ice cream sign sold for $595 in 2015 and was a genuine old Pauls sign with a polar bear.

Antique furniture

Antique furniture at Ipswich Antique Centre

An oak and blackwood roll top desk sold for $3750 in 2014, a Colonial cedar library table sold for $2500 in 2013, and a standing world globe by Replogle sold for $695 in 2014.

QRFB helmet

QRFB (Queensland Rail Fire Brigade) helmet Ipswich Antique Centre

A QRFB (Queensland Rail Fire Brigade) helmet sold for $2200 in 2012 and went to a museum.

German WW1 medals

German WW1 medal bar Ipswich Antique Centre

A German WW1 medal bar sold for $295 in 2015 and was a combat veteran three medal bar in iron.

Metters revolving pantry

Metters revolving pantry Ipswich Antique Centre

A Metters revolving pantry sold for $1950 in 2015 and was an extremely rare item in original condition.

Mantle clock

Ipswich Antique Centre

A gilt and marble figural mantle clock sold for $380 in 2015 and was by Japy Freres, Behm.

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