Hot laps and selfies all in a day’s work

Ipswich's famed motorsport preinct has a new fan - Josh 'The Bear' Kerr aka the Google trekker.
30 Apr 2018
Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer

Google trekker

Hot laps and selfies all in a day’s work

After his first two weeks as the ‘Google trekker’ Josh Kerr says a hot lap at Queensland Raceway was one of his favourite moments so far.


bheind the wheel at Queensland Raceway

Josh – nicknamed The Bear and with the Instagram handle @joshbearmaster – was among the adventurers who responded to Ipswich City Council’s ‘Human Wanted’ campaign.  He was chosen to take the Google trekker device – mounted on a backpack and fitted with 15 cameras taking photos every two seconds – around 40 locations across the Ipswich region. In all, he’ll be walking daily for around two months with the 18kg device on his back nearly every step of the way.


The Bear started his third week with a visit to Denmark Hill and a walk to the top of the water tower look-out.

He said his first two weeks in the role had revealed many new gems around his hometown and surrounding region.



But he said a hot lap as a passenger in a V8 while he was mapping Queensland Raceway was a definite highlight.

“It was pretty intense,” he said.

“I tried a couple of laps as a driver but when I had the hot lap with the actual driver he just went so much faster than what I was capable of – those g forces… it’s a good thing you’re strapped in,” he said.



Cycle Track

He also said he had been surprised by how much interest there had been in the project and every day more people were stopping to say hello or take a selfie with him and ask him questions.

“They all want to know if it’s heavy but I have found it surprisingly fine – my body feels the same,” he said.

Those keen for a taste of the V8 action at Queensland Raceway should check out the range of V8 Race Experiences available here.

Follow The Bear’s travels on Instagram at @joshbearmaster



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