Hidden Landscapes of Ipswich

Ipswich is full of hidden photographic opportunities. Explore some of these gorgeous spots through the eyes of a local photographer.
22 Feb 2017

The Great Outdoors

Hidden Landscapes of Ipswich

Ipswich is a city with many hidden wonders. I captured my first landscape photograph on the 14th of January 2012, and 5 years later I’m still going out every weekend possible, looking for that next great photo. That’s a lot of landscape locations to find, and with Ipswich, I’ve still only scratched the surface.

My goal is to find that hidden gem in Ipswich, the location that many people know, but no-one has seen properly. Here are my just some of my favourite areas in Ipswich to explore, along with hints and suggestions on the time of day or year to visit. That’s the big secret to the hidden landscapes of Ipswich, being there at the right time!

Redbank to Redbank Plains

Even though this is a residential area with some industrial, it has many pockets of beautiful parks, woods, fields and farmlands, and not to forget the Brisbane River running through. I suggest getting to a location well before sunrise or sunset, and staying for up to 1 hour after, in the right conditions you will witness something truly spectacular.


South Ripley

Not far from the new and bustling Ecco Ripley community, there is some simply beautiful open countryside surrounded by hills and mountains. Head out there for a drive, explore the back roads, then come back and visit your chosen spot at sunrise/sunset to really see the hidden beauty.

South Ripley, Ipswich

Any of the 550 parks or reserves

Yes, that’s right, there are 550 parks and reserves in the Ipswich City Council Area!! The council website has a great section for searching and finding out all about the parks and reserves. Make yourself a list of a few in an area, go visit them during the day to learn what is there (take the kids they will love you for it!) and then come back and visit at the right time of day or even right time of year. If a park has trees, visit there early morning in winter with fog and you have one of the most serene views you can ever find.

Collingwood Park, Murray Fox

Willowbank to Mt Forbes to Mt Walker

This area takes time to really explore. Lots of backroads and many hidden nooks and crannies to discover. I found this on a single lane dirt road, right after a very heavy rain. The setting sun broke through the clouds for 5 minutes.

Willowbank Raceway


So close to Ipswich, just south of Yamanto. This is quite a large area, lots of farmland, and a few little hidden gems as well. I love to view sunrise and sunset here, the colours can be simply stunning. Don’t forget to visit Purga Nature Reserve (again, with the kids!) and walk the trails through the stunning Swamp Tea Trees.

Purga farmland

Rosewood and surrounds

This is an area of contrasts. Near Rosewood you will find a great town to visit, surrounded by farmland, yet only a short drive away you will discover rolling hills and hidden forests. Take the time to explore, time it with the markets (every 3rd Saturday of the month) and you are in for a great day out.


I hope these photographs inspire you to get out there and explore Ipswich, there is so much more to discover than what I’ve listed here, 5 years in and I still haven’t scratched the surface. Remember, it may look like something ordinary, you might drive straight past it. Make the effort, get out there early, and stay out there late, and discover the true Hidden Landscapes of Ipswich.

Murray Fox Photographer
Murray Fox grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and moved to Ipswich in 2008. Falling in love with landscape photography in 2012, he has the goal of becoming a professional Landscape Photographer and is well on his way, winning the Ipswich Enviroplan Photographic competition in 2015 and backing this up with a category win in 2016. His Facebook and Instagram pages display a wide variety of his work, and his Blog shares his journey and details a lot of information for others to enjoy.

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