Google Trekker – the Ipswich locations

For 60 days, Google Street View footage will be captured around the Ipswich region at more than 40 locations.
06 Apr 2018
Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer

Google Trekker

The 40 locations

Ipswich’s Google Street View Trekker project covers more than 40 locations around the heritage city as well as natural and adventure destinations across the region.


It’s a project that will showcase these locations to the world in a way only made possible by the latest technology.


Google Trekker

The Google Trekker device, worn on a backpack or mounted on a kayak, is fitted with 15 cameras taking photos every two and a half seconds. The resulting footage offers 360-degree views of each destination as explored on foot by the Google Trekker – in this case adventurer Josh ‘The Bear’ Kerr.


white rock

Top adventure tourism spots such as Hidden Vale Adventure Park, White Rock-Spring Mountain and Flinders Peak – already popular with devoted hikers and mountain bikers, will be shown to new audiences via Google St view.


kholo gardens

City precincts will also be covered, including 88 Limestone – home of the popular Ungermann Brothers Icecream Parlour, Dovetails restaurant and Pumpyard Bar & Brewery – and the Top of Town stretch of restaurants, cafes and shops.

Family favourites are also in the mix, including Queens Park with its Ipswich Nature Centre and Nerima Gardens, and The Workshops Rail Museum.

Other locations to be mapped in the project include D’Arcy Doyle Place, Limestone Park, Riverheart Parklands, Cunningham’s Knoll, Robelle Domain and Orion Lagoon.


Discover Ipswich Staff Writer
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