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Try toned down experiences for those with sensitivities...
22 Feb 2023
Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer

For those with sensory sensitivities try these gentler experience next time you’re in town…

The Workshops Rail Museum

The Workshops Rail Museum is a Best of Queensland recognised tourism experience that offers sensory days during the holidays.  During these sessions less tickets are sold and lights and sounds are lowered allowing access to events like Day out with Thomas to those that need a gentler experience.  Noise cancelling headphones and sensory kits are available for every visit though. 

Ipswich Nature Centre

Ipswich Nature Centre

Take a walk through the Ipswich Nature Centre, in the morning, during the week to enjoy the nature refuge in the middle of Queens Park.  After you can head to the children’s playground which includes a liberty swing. 

Robelle Domain

Picnic in Robelle Domain

Enjoy a day surrounded in nature at Robelle Domain. Take a walk through the parklands, past waterfalls and a small stream. Play at the all-abilities playground and use the interactive play equipment.

Environmental Education Centre

Queens Park Environmental Education Centre

Visit the Environmental Education Centre located in Queens Park.  There are interactive displays and sensory boxes designed for children to learn about the natural environment.

Ipswich Children’s Library

Ipswich Children's Library

Head to the Ipswich Children’s Library where you can feed life-sized dinosaur colourful scarves through an interactive pipe experience. Design your own colourful fish and watch them swim around the digital display.  There are also visual activities such as an augmented reality butterfly experience and quiet areas to calm and soothe.

Tales and Trails

Tales and Trails at Ipswich Nature Centre

Tales and Trails is an outdoor self-guided reading experience in parks and locations of interest around the city. It is a gentle experience featuring 12 books created for First 5 Forever printed on large metal signs spread along a nature walking trail with braille for increased accessibility. The books are being rotated throughout different locations during the year but include Hotel for Bees, Koalas Like To…, Once, I Munched a Mango and more.

Bob Gamble Park

At Bob Gamble Park there is a water play area above the shooting spouts which is great for sensory play. You can pump water through the channels and feel it running between your fingers. The boardwalk nearby is also a nice wheelchair accessible experience.

Little Day Out

Little Day Out

Little Day Out, Ipswich’s signature children’s contemporary music and arts festival has been designed to be inclusive for all children and features a quiet zone with sensory activities.  It also features a silent disco, seedling planting, loose parts play, dancing and more.

Little Day Out is a part of the SPARK Ipswich festival, see the Ipswich Festivals website for information.

Discover Ipswich Staff Writer
Rocky the Rock Wallaby is a Sagittarius who lives at the Ipswich Nature Centre and often contributes to Discover Ipswich in his spare time. When he's not busy showing tourists around, blogging or hanging out with his cute and fluffy mates at the Nature Centre, he likes to hit the gym for a leg session, graze on quinoa salad and ponder the possibilities of the universe.

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