Fishing in Ipswich

There's some nice places to go fishing in Ipswich, here's a guide on some great spots from a local!
31 Jul 2020
Nick Steele,
The great outdoors
Fishing in Ipswich

So you want to go fishing? Don’t want to hit the road for an hour or more and then fight the crowds for a spot then battle traffic on the way home? Well you don’t! Ipswich has some great spots to fish and most of them are right around the corner.

Kholo Bridge

Further upstream you will reach Kholo. I highly recommend this spot for the kayak fisherman. You can launch your kayak at the bridge and paddle up towards Kholo Gardens. Land-based fishing is also possible here but kayakers will find this spot more rewarding. Common catches in this part of the river are bream, bass, catfish and various species of perch. I highly recommend the use of PFD’s whilst kayaking, especially here as there are some fast rapid sections and lots of hidden timber. Even if you don’t catch a thing, this is a beautiful area to have a paddle with wildlife everywhere you look.

Tips: Cast shallow diving lures in the 50/70mm range up stream and retrieve them with the current along snaggy edges and surface lures in the morning/afternoon for bass. Also note that fishing downstream from the bridge to the Mt Crosby weir is illegal as this is a green zone.

Kholo Ipswich

Barellan Point

This is another great spot for both the land-based fisherman and the kayaker. A perfect spot for a weekend picnic and fish with the kids. Generally not as busy as colleges crossing if crowds aren’t your thing. BBQs and playgrounds for the kids too, a perfect spot for the family. Typical catches here are Bream, Catfish and Flathead.

Tips: Prawns on light gear will always get some catfish on your line here, perfect for kids as they will enjoy catching something.

Barrellan Point Ipswich

Ipswich Canoe Trail

This area at Cribb Park, Norma Brown St in North Ipswich, is a bit of a lesser known spot and most people wouldn’t think to fish so close to Ipswich CBD. For this kayak fisherman, this spot is a little goldmine. This stretch of river has some very fishy areas and for those willing to paddle and find the fish you will be rewarded with bass and a healthy population of bream.

Tips: Soft plastics and hard body lures will be your best bet in this area, surface lures in the early morning and late afternoon will also work well.

Ipswich Canoe Trail

General tips:

•Fish as light as you can! 4/6lb mono/braided line on a 2-4kg rod is plenty for most species of fish you will encounter in these areas and the lighter you go the more bites you will get!
•Use a good quality Flurocarbon leader, not only is it almost invisible underwater it’s much more abrasive resistant than braid or mono fishing lines.
•Check the tides!
•Never go kayaking alone and always wear a PFD, it may save your life!
•Sharks can be anywhere, don’t assume it’s safe to swim.
•Always abide by the bag limits on fish and open/closed seasons on species, only take what you need or alternatively catch and release, fish for the future!

Nick Steele
Nick grew up in Ipswich and has lived here ever since. Being a local he knows all the amazing scenic areas in and around Ipswich. He has always enjoyed photography even at a young age but started getting serious about photography about 4 years ago. Focusing on Astrophotography and nature photography but branching out into portrait photography. Check out more of Nicks photography on Instagram and Facebook.

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