Electric car show coming to Ipswich

Electric vehicles past, present and future will be explored in an expo at The Workshops Rail Museum.
24 Jul 2018
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Electric car rally coming to Ipswich museum

Imagine life without fuel bills or electricity bills. Graeme Manietta doesn’t need to dream it – he’s lived without such things for the past eight years. Using solar energy for his home and business, and running an electric Suzuki Swift car he converted himself.



Mr Manietta will be among the Australian Electric Vehicle Association members exhibiting at an Electric Car Rally at Ipswich’s Workshops Rail Museum on August 18.

The National Science Week event will bring a round-up of old and new electric vehicles and related exhibits to the large forecourt of the museum grounds. Shedding light on where the technology is heading and how it will – literally – be taking us places in the future.



Mr Manietta and his electric Suzuki Swift be joined by other members of the association to share their knowledge and show their vehicles on the day.

Visitors will also be able to see a Tesla Model S, a Lotus 7, a BMW i3, a Toyota Corolla Hybrid, a Zbee three-wheeler and a Lucas Bedford Electric Van. There will also be various displays from the University of Queensland and e-Motion Concepts and the ACE-VE Group, and more.



The idea for the event actually arose when the museum began planning to bring the Lucas Bedford van out of storage to go on display for the Commonwealth Games earlier this year. It is one of two that were originally used during the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games marathon.
And here’s an interesting fact to ponder while you’re next filling up with fuel – the conversion of a petrol engine Bedford van to electric power was first performed by Lucas Chloride EV Systems Limited in the UK in the late 1960s.

The car rally day runs from 10am-2pm in the Museum forecourt and admission is free. The usual museum entry applies for those who want to continue on into the museum’s vast displays.



The Electric Car Rally runs from 10am-2pm in the museum forecourt and admission is free. The usual museum entry applies for those who want to continue on into the museum’s vast displays.


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