Caught in Ipswich: dazzling birdlife photos

The Ipswich region is home to a fabulous array of birdlife - here's just a taste of what some of our brilliant local photographers managed to capture in the last year.
05 Jan 2018
Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer


Caught in Ipswich: dazzling birdlife photos

The Ipswich region is home to some colourful and also quite cheeky birdlife – including many species you won’t find along the coastal regions of south-east Queensland.


Ipswich birdlife

Above: Mount Mort’s Laurie Smith (@Laurie7521 on Instagram) captured a galah feeding its not-so-small young one.


Flashes of blue fairy wrens might be spied flitting about the grounds of St Paul’s Church right in the heart of the CBD and twitchers from out of town might also notice birdcalls they are not used to both in the city itself and out in the Ipswich countryside. Thankfully we also have a growing band of photographers, both locals and visitors, recording the local flora and fauna – some on cameras, some on mobile phones – and plenty who post their ‘captures’ on social media so we can all enjoy them. Here are a few of the brilliant birds we saw on Instagram from the region in the past year.

single use gailsphotography

Above: Gail Bryant’s striated pardalote was captured at sunset in Joseph Brady Park. (See more of Gail’s images on Instagram – @gailsphotography)


single use shane allwood – young wood duck family springfield

Shane Allwood’s completely adorable shot of a wood duck family at Springfield Lakes won hearts on his Instagram account – @shane_allwood_photography


single use Shane Allwood – double barred finch

Above: Another brilliant picture by Shane Allwood – this time a double-barred finch at Springfield Lakes – @shane_allwood_photography on Instagram


single use Michael Gibbs Photography Insta mgp_wild

Photographer Michael Gibbs (@mgp_wild on Instagram) caught a rainbow lorikeet in the rain on New Year’s Day.


Michael Gibbs fairy wren

A juvenile male fairy wren at Ipswich, photographed by Michael Gibbs (@mgp_wild on Instagram) 


Laurie smith pic

A lively exchange photographed at Mount Mort by Laurie Smith (@laurie7521 – Instagram) 


single use gailsphotography 2

Gail Bryant’s red-backed fairy wren at Colleges Crossing Recreation Reserve. (@gailsphotography on Instagram)


Gail Bryant kooka

Gail Bryant’s stunning kookaburra moment happened at Riverheart Parklands in Ipswich. (@gailsphotography – Instagram)


Some areas worth checking out for wildlife photography around Ipswich include Kholo Gardens, Queens Park and Colleges Crossing.

So, keep your eyes peeled, your camera handy – and don’t forget to hashtag #discoveripswich


Discover Ipswich Staff Writer
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