Best places to get out on the water

Keen to do some kayaking, boating or fishing? Here are the best spots in the Ipswich region to wet a line, drop in the kayak or launch the tinny.
16 Aug 2023
Josh Kerr, Ipswich Trekker

Kayaking, boating and fishing… What better way to make a splash this spring and summer than by dipping a toe in at some of the greatest waterways in South East Queensland?

And what better place to do so than right here in Ipswich?  Central to both the Bremer and Brisbane River Systems, with a few river accessible parks to choose from, we’ve got exactly what you need…

Note: Colleges Crossing is still being repaired after the floods, so it has been removed from this list.  Once it is open again we’ll add it back.

Burton’s Bridge

Burton's Bridge

Burton’s Bridge is a serene little number, peaking out amongst the bushland and pastures of the upper Brisbane River. From Burton’s you can drift in a kayak and cast a lure, or safely cool off in some of the shallow waters with the family. You can even take on a more endurant avenue and depart Burton’s Bridge for a lengthy paddle all the way down to Kholo. Some 21 kilometres in fact.

But whatever your choice, you can be sure it will be a peaceful one.

Joesph Brady Park

Where on earth would this list be without Joesph Brady Park?

It’s an absolute centerpiece destination for any would be water enthusiast. Literally.

This baby sits on the crux of the Bremer and Brisbane river systems as they intersect and provides access to some of the best in all around watery activities. Joseph Brady is deep enough for most boats, central enough to facilitate journeys in all directions and discrete enough to fish. Just be sure to grab yourself a heavier rod incase the bull sharks come a knockin’.

Cribb Park

Another premier destination to set off with the kayak or tinny is Cribb Park.  Especially if you’re looking to do a little sight seeing.

Cribb park is unique in that it provides river access right in the centre of town.

So from here you can meander up past St Mary’s Catholic Church towards the shallower estuaries of the river system or continue down stream amidst the steep embankments of the metropolitan and suburban areas of Ipswich. It’s a kind of watery contiki tour and a great way to get in touch with the river.

Shapcott Park

Last but not least, we have Shapcott Park.  The little known, sleepy suburban secret that deserves your attention.

From Shapcott, you can easily launch off with the canoe for a sneaky fishing sesh, or a casual journey down stream through slow moving waters.

Shapcott is most definitely quieter to explore but can easily can mark the beginning of a diverse experience into deeper and more distant waters.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got the goods, now get out there and make the most of what this beautiful part of the world has to offer.

Josh Kerr Ipswich Trekker
Josh ‘The Bear’ Kerr, is an Ipswich local, hiker, tour guide, photographer, fitness instructor and most recently, Ipswich’s Google Trekker. Having grown up in the area since age 7 and quickly becoming involved in the outdoor scene, he would eventually put these skills to good use trekking almost all of Ipswich and its surrounds for Google Maps. What would ensue, is some of the most comprehensive mapping of any city in the southern hemisphere, from our historic streets and suburbs to our most rugged mountain peaks. “After 8 grueling months and over 3 million steps, Ipswich is finally on the map!”

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