Champions Way‚ Willowbank

Experience the thrill of a lifetime driving a brand new Camaro or Mustang Ultimate Supercar, Holden or Ford V8 Race Car around the infamous Queensland Raceway near Ipswich, Queensland.

Your V8 race car drive day begins as you register at the reception prior to your pre-drive tuition. This will prepare you for driving a race prepared V8 race car with information on handling the car, cornering, braking and track map. You are then ushered to pit lane and fitted with your own race suit and helmet.

Prior to your drive, and after your briefing, you’ll have a photo taken in front of the race car, then suited up and sized up for your helmet. You are then strapped in behind the wheel, introduced to your personal race driving instructor and off you go for your drive of a lifetime!

Through an intercom system built into the helmets, your in-car coach will encourage you through your drive with advice on gear changes and brake points so that you can drive fast and safely. While not a race, there are no limits on speed and overtaking is common during this thrilling drive experience!