50 Coal Road‚ Chuwar

Queensland’s only community-run drive-in theatre and community venue.

Drive-Ins offer an experience and an opportunity that is much more than merely seeing a MOVIE on a BIG screen. It’s about seeing the larger picture – choosing the drive-in is your opportunity to support a great old family tradition.

While at the movies, enjoy a delicious meal at the Tivoli Diner and Cafe. They have family deals, GF options and other delicacies for your complete enjoyment.

The Tivoli Drive-in is also dog friendly, dogs must remain on a leash and are not to be left in the car alone. Water is also available for dogs as there are taps on site.

For nearly 35 years, since 1986, Harvest Rain Christian Care, the community care arm of Tivoli Drive-In, has been actively working to provide low income and socially disadvantaged people in our community with food and emergency relief welfare assistance.