1 North Street‚ North Ipswich

The very popular Brassall Bikeway links North Ipswich, Brassall, Wulkuraka and the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail – which continues onto Fernvale and stretches all the way to Yarraman. The Bikeway is also a popular spot for families on the weekend as it’s a great ride.

The Brassall Bikeway is a 14 kilometre bike path that highlights the region’s history, as it’s aligned with the first railway line built in Queensland. It’s fully paved and is a very safe environment for all.

There is also a 600 metre mountain bike track you can access from the Bikeway if you’re feeling adventurous. The track has a bike repair station and some shaded seats to stop. The trail is perfect for all ages although training wheels are not recommended.

Discover the old steam engine, railway siding and other surprises along the way as you wind your way along the bike path. Visit the heritage listed The Workshops Rail Museum, or take the kids out to the bicycle learning track at Sutton Park.

There’s lots to discover along the way.