An Airbnb cottage lands in ‘Hipswich Central’

A little cottage in 'Hipswich Central' is luring visitors from all around the globe.  
24 May 2018
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‘Hipswich Central’ lands an Airbnb cottage

A cute cottage in the heart of Ipswich is reinvented thanks to one creative couple’s “terrifiying and exciting” new project.


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It’s not the first time Brisbane’s Sara Taghaode and Andrew Crane have stepped into unchartered territory for the sake of a new challenge.

They created a charming event and co-working space in Colab 4010, in the inner Brisbane suburb of Albion, then decided to cast their eyes further afield… which bought them to Ipswich to launch the CBD’s first Airbnb cottage.


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So what was it that lured them west for their latest project?

“Probably the simplest way to answer that is to say access and opportunity,” Sara says.

“We see enormous opportunity in Ipswich and it’s more accessible than Brisbane from a cost and community perspective.

“There was the opportunity to buy an affordable house and trial a project like this … and we could see a need for this in the market,” she said.


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Sara and Andrew have close friends who have moved to Ipswich in recent years so the city was already on their radar for some time.

“In October last year we were reaching the tail end of another project and I did one search online to see what was around,” Sara said.

“Funnily enough I saw the cottage straight away, said BINGO out loud and sent it as a link to my husband with a subject title that said ‘legit next project’.

“Six weeks later we’d brought it under auction conditions – it was our first auction and we were excited and terrified all at the same time – and we started making plans.”

Sara recalls that the project felt “like it was meant to be” right from the start.

“The community in Ipswich has also proven to be really friendly and welcoming. It’s lovely to be a part of that.”

Within weeks of launching their Airbnb the customers began trickling in.


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“It’s right next to the civic centre so we’ve had families stay for events there… a family at a tennis tournament, white collar business people in Ipswich for work and some people from overseas visiting their family.

“We’ve even got a couple from Serbia booked in to stay who are out for a peace conference.”

While not officially named yet, Sara said she thinks of the cottage as “Ruth’s Place” in honour of a previous owner who she believed might have been a potter.

‘‘We found a piece she must have made in the garden, which now has pride of place in the house,” she said.



Onsite, the couple’s Airbnb listing refers to ‘Hipswich Central” which seems to sum up the fresh energy in the heart of the heritage city these days.

“There is so much great stuff happening out of 88 Limestone and fire station 101 is just round the corner,” Sara said.

“The cafe culture is as good as inner city Brisbane and we enjoyed plenty of great meals at restaurants on Brisbane Street during the reno.

“I said a few times to Drew my husband (who actually did all the hard work) that maybe we should just move in ourselves and enjoy it.”

She said the cottage is in the perfect location for visitors to the city who could stroll to many cafes, restaurants and attractions within five minutes, including Pumpyard Bar & Brewery, Dovetails Restaurant and Ungermann Brothers at 88 Limestone, Rafter & Rose, The Cottage restaurant, and Ipswich Art Gallery.

Check it out here.

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