16 unique finds at the Springfield Markets

Looking for a fun day out, then stop by the next Springfield markets, held on the first Sunday of each month.
05 Jun 2023
Ashleigh Howarth, Freelance writer

Featuring an array of handmade gifts, farm-fresh produce, live music, food trucks and a buzzing atmosphere, the Springfield Markets is a must-shop destination for any bargain hunter.

Here are some wonderful and unique items you can find during your next shopping trip.

Candy scented candles and wax melts

Candy scented candles at the Springfield Markets

Candles are a great way to make your house smell nice, but instead of buying the same old vanilla or jasmine fragrance, why not buy a cereal bowl soy wax candle that smells exactly like Froot Loops! Other candy-inspired candle aromas include red frogs, grape bubble gum, peppermint crisp, fairy floss and musk sticks. 


Earrings at the Springfield Markets

If you’re looking for some new accessories, you will find plenty of handmade novelty earrings at the Springfield Markets. Some of the funky designs include Harry Potter, adorable animals like sloths and flamingoes, yummy food creations like donuts and soft drinks, glittery flowers, rainbows and more.

Mystic critters

Mystic critters at the Springfield Markets

For kids (or adults) who love dragons, dinosaurs and other critters, be sure to stop in and look at the 3D printed toys. The toys are extremely lifelike, colourful and inspire imagination play. Being easy to move, the toys also work great as sensory fidgets. 

Tranquil Tea

Tranquil tea at the Springfield Markets

Instead of sipping on your cup of English Breakfast in the morning, why not take a taste of Ipswich home with you and try the Ipswich Breakfast. Hand brewed right here in the city, the Ipswich Breakfast is just one of the blends you can find at the markets. Other flavours include pomegranate, coconut, soursop, rose and strong black. 

Waffle sticks and pancakes

Waffle sticks at the Springfield Markets

Treat your sweet tooth to a delicious waffle on a stick or pancakes during your time at the markets. The waffle sticks are easy to eat while browsing the stalls, and also come with your choice of toppings including crushed nuts, sprinkles, M&Ms, Oreos, coconut or mini marshmallows. If pancakes are more your thing, you can choose between chocolate chip, banana and walnut, and the traditional strawberries and cream. 

Glow in the dark bracelets

Glow in the dark bracelets at the Springfield Markets

During the day they look like a normal bracelet, but come night, they are the light of the party! Once the lights go out, your friends are sure to be impressed with your glowing bling! 


Honey at the Springfield Markets

See what all the buzz is about when you buy a bottle of fresh honey direct from the hive. This golden nectar comes in a variety of different flavours, such as brush box, mixed gum, bloodwood, melaleuca and grey gum, and will taste delicious on your toast or crumpets. You will also find an array of bee products including bees wax lip balms, shampoo and conditioner bars, as well as bee melts. 

Metal art

Metal art at the Springfield Markets

Add some artwork to the man cave, bar, shed or entertainment area with some impressive metal artworks sold at the markets. Not only can you find metal outlines of your favourite racing team, Ned Kelly or tools, but you can also have your own custom piece curated. 

Dog treats and accessories

Dog treats at the Springfield Markets

It’s not only humans that love surprises – dogs do too. You can spoil your four-legged bestie by buying them some natural Australian made dog treats, a new collar or an enrichment toy. Not only will you find some treats like duck wings, beef jerky or gourmet biscuits, but you can also pick up some flavoured powders to bring a little extra dog-friendly seasoning to their dinner. 

Lavender products

Lavender products at the Springfield Markets

If you’re in the market for some organic beauty products, lavender is a beautiful scent that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Stock up on deodorant, shaving gel, bubble bath and hand cream that will leave you smelling heavenly all day. As your eyes wander over the table, you might also find some pantry-friendly lavender goodies such as lavender syrup, tea, sugar free lollies and shortbread. 

Fairy houses

Fairy Houses at the Springfield Markets

Bring some magic to your outdoor space with these gorgeous fairy houses. They are perfect to hang in trees, or make a beautiful ornament for your garden. Kids will love checking in on them to see if any fairies are home. 

Japanese-style hotdogs and wings

Japanese hotdogs at the Springfield Markets

Treat your tastebuds to some fried chicken wings, a honey wasabi hotdog, chicken karaage burger or triple croquettes burger from Mr Tokyo Dog. This little culinary delight is sure to satisfy your tummy. 

Iced tea

Iced tea at the Springfield Markets

Perusing the markets can be thirsty business, so why not quench your thirst with a refreshing cup of iced tea. Sip on mango, pink grapefruit, lychee or berries of the forest, and don’t forget to add in some jellies or pearls.

Speaker tumblers

Speaker tumblers at the Springfield Markets

Keep your drink cool with some ice and fresh beats when you buy a speaker tumbler. There is a secret compartment at the bottom where the speaker is located so it doesn’t get wet, and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. 

Handmade scrunchies and bows

Scrunchies and bows at the Springfield Markets

Whether your kids love cartoon characters like Bluey, Cocomelon, The Wiggles, Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh, you will find lots of beautifully designed scrunchies and bows at the markets. But luckily for the adults, there are also lots of retro designs and patterns that will add a little something extra to your ponytail.


Coffee at the Springfield Markets

Whether you need a coffee to start your day, or like to sip and walk with friends, the freshly-ground coffee beans are waiting to wake you up. 

The Springfield Markets are held on the first Sunday of the month at Robelle Domain Parklands from 8am-1pm and the third Sunday of the month at Orion Shopping Centre from 9am-4pm.

Follow Springfield Markets on Facebook and Instagram for more information and to see more products and vendors. 

Ashleigh Howarth Freelance writer
Ashleigh Howarth is a journalist with more than 12 years experience in the media industry. Her passions include travelling, dessert bars, cocktails and attending music concerts. She aims to inspire others to unlock their own sense of wanderlust to explore this beautiful big world, whether that be on a local or more global scale. You can keep up to date with her stories by following @journo_ash_ on Instagram.

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