Submit Your Event

The event listings in the What’s On section of our website are drawn exclusively from the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). This means that your event must be submitted to and approved for distribution via the ATDW before it will appear in our events calendar.

The ATDW is a centralised national database that feeds information on your tourism events into a network of up to 60 websites and apps including and This means, not only will your event appear on the Discover Ipswich website, it will also appear on these other travel and tourism sites.

In Queensland, business and event profiles on the ATDW are managed and approved by Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ).

Is your event eligible?

To be distributed via the ATDW and listed on the Discover Ipswich website your event must be of appeal to the leisure tourist. Only events that occur within the Ipswich City Council local government boundaries will be listed on the Discover Ipswich website. Non-Ipswich events can be submitted to the ATDW – they will just not appear on the Discover Ipswich website.

How much does it cost?

Submitting your event on ATDW is free.

How to list your event:

Please follow the steps below to submit your event for inclusion in the ATDW:

  1. Click here to register as an ATDW user. (You only need to do this once and you can re-use this login to create other events you organise).
  2. Within three working days you will receive an email with your username, password and an activation link for your account.
  3. Once you have clicked on the link to activate your account, or you have registered previously, you can log on via myATDW and create the profile for your event.

What you need to create an ATDW event profile:

Here is a list of the content and resources that you will require to create your ATDW event profile. Remember you are trying to generate interest for people to attend your event – select images and frame your words in such a way as to inform people about what your event has to offer them and entice them to attend.

  • Description of your event (minimum: 25 words; maximum: 225 words)
  • Event date/s and times
  • Contact details and website address for your event
  • Entry cost/s
  • Link for online bookings or ticket sales (if applicable)
  • Venue details
  • Social media links (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Images of your event

Here are some extra tips for images to help you meet the ATDW requirements:

  • Quantity: A minimum of one(1) image; our recommendation is at least four(4).
  • Text or logos are NOT permitted to be imposed on the image.
  • Images must be landscape orientation with a minimum image resolution of 1600 pixels (wide) x 1200 pixels (high).
  • When you upload your images, make sure to crop both the portrait and landscape version to ensure best display in different areas of the applicable websites.
  • File types accepted include .jpg and .png

More information and support:

ATDW profiles for events held in Queensland are managed by Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ). If you have difficulty registering for ATDW or creating an ATDW event profile, TEQ’s ATDW team are the best placed to assist you:

If you require further assistance please contact our team via email to [email protected].