Woodlands of Marburg destined for Hollywood screens

Historic Woodlands of Marburg features in a short film heading to Hollywood later this year.
12 Jul 2018
Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer

Woodlands mansion to hit Hollywood screens

An iconic heritage landmark of the Ipswich region, Woodlands of Marburg, features in a short film to be shown at a film festival in Hollywood this October.



Film crew were on site at the historic mansion this week shooting the short film, Lavender.

Director and writer Henry Boffin said the Screen Queensland-funded film would be shown at Scream Fest (October 9-18) in California and the Woodlands mansion was a key feature in the tale.

“Screen Queensland were looking for an edgy sci-fi so that’s what we are creating,” Mr Boffin said.

“Woodlands has a very big part and it’s a really big character in the film because the general vibe has that traditional feel to it.

“I had not actually heard of Marburg before we started looking for locations which is a shame because it’s such a beautiful place and it’s photogenic from every side – it’s hard to get a bad angle when you walk around it and inside is like that as well.

“We love the idea that in the near future there’ll be this idea of repurposing old buildings… and having that heritage feel to it and those beautiful mahogany walls and all the beautiful furniture inside helped.”



Producer Brittany Blacka is loving being back in Ipswich for the project – she grew up in the region and is a former Ipswich Girls Grammar student, now working in TV in Sydney.

“Ipswich is so film friendly,” she said.

“There have been a few things made in Ipswich in the past few years and it’s just getting bigger and bigger.”

Screamfest is a Horror Film Festival and thus the synopsis of Lavender is not for the faint-hearted.

“The story is set in the near future and a virus has left approximately half of the world’s population  in a kind of a vegetative state… and to combat the world’s hunger crisis, it’s become the norm to eat those people,” Mr Boffin said.

“But it does have a nice tender side to it… the real hope for it is to make us think about what makes us human – it is memories and how much is going on behind the windows of the eyes?

“It’s not a preaching film but an entry point into a discussion.

“That’s what good science fiction should do I think – just to say have a think about where the future is going.”



Woodlands of Marburg is an historic estate surrounded by countryside about 20 minutes from the Ipswich CBD and an hour from Brisbane. The property offers boutique accommodation and is available for weddings and events.

Photos: Harrison Hertrick


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