Virtual tours: Olive farm, Queensland Raceway, Ivory’s Rock, Brookwater golf and more…

Take virtual tours of Brookwater Golf and Country Club, Ivory's Rock, Spring Lake, Queens Park, Queensland Raceway, Watercress Creek Olives and Limes and more...
08 Apr 2020
Josh Kerr, Ipswich Trekker

The saga continues with our third and final segment as we complete the trilogy.

If you’ve stuck it out this long I must commend you on your efforts.

Your digital fitness has exceeded all expectations. So let’s take those chiseled, stallion fingers and continue our marathon journey, clicking about the various places of Ipswich we’re all missing during these troubled times.

Brookwater Golf and Country Club

Brookwater Golf and Country Club

I know! We’ve been isolated so long now that we’d almost forgotten just how many unique destinations exist within our borders.

Brookwater Golf and Country Club is a premium golfing facility set in the tranquility of the Australian bush and you don’t even have to be a golfer to appreciate it. There’s a therapeutic element to moving through the green, back dropped with waterfalls and natural rock formations, simply of your own accord.

Rest assured no high velocity projectiles will be coming your way this time.

Ivory’s Rock Convention Centre

Ivory's Rock

You’re probably going to be impressed when you click here.

It’s a pretty good shot, I would know, I picked it myself.

Ivory’s Rock is the home to all sorts of different events including, Earth frequency Festival and the Spartan Race.

There’s also an Organic Markets and onsite accommodation if you’re after a low key over-nighter at the base of a mountain range.

Spring Lake Park

Spring Lake

Lakes are always nice. Well this one is.

Located centrally in Springfield, it’s nice to go for a little wander about the edges and who knows, there might even be time for a spot of tennis on the side.

On second thought, that bit will have to wait but at the least we have this trekker collection to appease you for the moment. 

Queens Park

Queens Park

A park fit for a queen is surely enough to accommodate us mortals and our petty quarrels.

It’s pretty enough at least, but you can see that for yourself by clicking right over here.

Oh and don’t forget to check out the café while you’re there, as an avid fan of eggs benny I can confirm it’s the place to be!

Queensland Raceway

Queensland Raceway

So this one kind of excited me to have a squiz at, because short of renting a V8 for a day this is pretty much the only way to get this close to the track.

Upon first glance, there’s not really too much to it but if you keep exploring, you may find that in fact all of Willowbank’s racing facilities have indeed been mapped for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Watercress Creek Olives and Limes

Watercress Creek Olives and Limes

Short n sweet, here’s a glimpse of the estate in which some of our finest local produce is grown and sold.

This is also the residence of an Ipswich olive and lime festival which comes by annually.  

Watercress Creek Olives and Limes

Splash ‘n’ Play Ripley

Ripley Splash 'n' Play

This is kind of a local secret, but over at Providence estate there’s an elegant little café overlooking a water park that is entirely open to the public.

Explore it in perhaps the only manner in which you will find it vacant: out of the lens of the street view camera, as it was on a warm sunny day two years ago.

Wiley Street BMX

Wiley St BMX

For the first time, you don’t have to risk life and limb to appreciate the curves and contours of a BMX racing facility such as this.

Simply click, pan and zoom your way throughout and spare a thought for those of us who walked all these inclines and depressions, not completely upright for the duration of the ordeal.

Anabelle Street Park

Moodai Reserve at Annabelle St Park

If you weren’t already aware, Ipswich has a rather significant collection of green spaces sprinkled around the place.

Some 550 to be exact. Anabelle Street Park is just one of these places and it also connects to a compact mountain biking section in Moodai Reserve.

I’ll be honest, it’s not one of our premier locations, but more an example of the everyday gems dotting the peripheries of our Heritage City.

Ironbark Ridge Vineyard

Ironbark Ridge Winery

Oh that’s a nice view of Mt. Flinders. “Where”, you ask?  Right over there behind all the wine! “Wine?” you whisper excitedly.

Why yes, exquisite, local, Ipswich wine for days. “Can I order in?” I hear you jitter. Well no, but you can sip apple juice and pretend. Yes do that. But click here first.

That’s a wrap ladies and gents. I hope this has eased some boredom or hopefully lightened a few people’s days during these tumultuous times.

Josh Kerr Ipswich Trekker
Josh ‘The Bear’ Kerr, is an Ipswich local, hiker, tour guide, photographer, fitness instructor and most recently, Ipswich’s Google Trekker. Having grown up in the area since age 7 and quickly becoming involved in the outdoor scene, he would eventually put these skills to good use trekking almost all of Ipswich and its surrounds for Google Maps. What would ensue, is some of the most comprehensive mapping of any city in the southern hemisphere, from our historic streets and suburbs to our most rugged mountain peaks. “After 8 grueling months and over 3 million steps, Ipswich is finally on the map!”

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