TripAdvisor Ipswich top 8 eats

The dining scene is pretty good in Ipswich, check out this list of 8 spots to eat, ranked by TripAdvisor ratings!
23 May 2017
Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer


TripAdvisor Ipswich top  eats

There’s change afoot in Ipswich, and it’s evident in the local dining scene. From microbreweries and degustation menus to quirky laneway cafes and large pork knuckles, there’s certainly plenty to nom. Here’s the TripAdvisor top 8 for Ipswich as of 2017!

#1: Pumpyard Bar and Brewery

Pumpyard Bar and Brewery is a one-of-a-kind microbrewery in the heart of Ipswich, at the 88 Limestone precinct. The much-beloved brew-pub offers a range of delectable fare and locally crafted beer in an historic former technical college building. Offering a rare all-round food/drink/setting experience of Ipswich history, probably explaining its number one ranking and die-hard fans.


Since it opened several years ago, Pumpyard’s menu has changed here and there but the flavoursome burgers remain as a staple on the menu! Locals rave about the ‘off the menu’ burger too, with its combination of meaty goodness, but the others like the Pulled Pork Burger will be enough to start you drooling. The desserts are not to be missed either, with the Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich a true foodie’s delight with all of it’s gooey, sweet and saltiness.

Beers on tap include their award-winning Red IPA and New World Pilsner. And who can forget their other curious concoctions like carrot beer and S’mores beer?! If you crave their beer while watching TV at home, you can also get a ‘growler’ (TAKEAWAY!) full of your favourite 4 Hearts brew.

#2: Homage

If you’re not afraid of something new and decadent, Homage is a MUST on any dining bucket list. Set on the 12, 000 acres of Spicers Hidden Vale at Grandchester, Homage restaurant is located in a historic barn. The hatted restaurant is well known for its degustation menu, featuring produce sourced from local and regional producers.

Varying degustation menus can include anything from fried green ants (actually delicious, I kid you not) to damper to cured pigeon on a stick to truffled sweets on a rock. The courses are BEYOND instaworthy. Most of the ingredients are harvested from the nearby market garden or sourced from nearby farms. For a special celebration, Homage is ideal.

Chateaubriand Homage

#3: Rafter and Rose

Rafter and Rose laneway cafe can only be described as a warm and cosy nook with great coffee! There’s always a feeling of friendliness from the staff when you enter… and then there’s a giant cheesecake with your name all over it! Famous for their bacon jam, their large breakfast serves are almost too pretty to eat.


Their coffee is made with love, and their 1 + 1 (+ 1) coffee is a fun way to drink your magical, wake-up brew! While you’re there, you can also stock up on seasonal, organic produce sourced from the owner’s farmer friends near Ipswich. Maybe a bulb of garlic, some chilis, and potato to go with your takeaway brownie?

#4: Indian Mehfil

Indian Mehfil is a CBD staple of flavoursome Indian cuisine. Housed in yet another local heritage building next to the Ipswich Art Gallery, the gem of a restaurant has huge portions and the option of takeaway, in case your next meal isn’t decided. Highly recommended comes the Chicken Biryani and HUGE Mixed platter as an entree!

Indian Mehfil | Ipswich

#5: Fourthchild

Decorated with a giant, bright artwork, Fourthchild cafe and restaurant is the trusty local spot that almost never closes! The opening times are where this spot leads the way. Also known for their divine coffees and scrumptious breakfasts, the Eggs Benedict is a must. For those special occasions, it’s good to note that Fourthchild also does CUSTOM cake orders.


#6: Queens Park Cafe

Queens Park Cafe is the ideal spot if you’re strolling around the Queens Park precinct, it’s just a stone’s throw away from Nerima Gardens and the Ipswich Nature Centre. Instagram is flooded with images of people enjoying their Smashed Avo and Eggs Benny after taking their kids to the park or taking a walk!


#7: Moselle’s Restaurant

This restaurant has a great view of the water and offers delicious food to top it all off! Patrons often rave about the Swordfish salad with a poached egg and the great view. Moselle’s restaurant is BYO and sometimes has the odd water dragon!


#8: Heisenberg Haus

Discover your inner caveman with pork knuckles the size of your head at Heisenberg Haus, a funky spot named for the ‘Breaking Bad’ lead character. Its dishes have a distinct German/Austrian flavour, with pretzels, wurst and sauerkraut all on the menu. Imported beers, like Lowenbrau, and beer cocktails are also abundant. Recently opening for breakfast, Heisenberg Haus also has a coffee shop next door called Tighty Whities (another Breaking Bad reference), serving cocowhip and very reasonably priced snacks!

Heisenberg Haus
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