Six of the best: Healthy start breakfasts

With produce sourced from the Lockyer Valley and everything made in house, it’s easy to make healthy choices from the all-day menu...
06 Nov 2019
Marj Osborne, Food Blogger

Breakfast is the meal that helps us break the fast of the previous night, giving our bodies fuel to make a healthy start to the day.

We head for whole grains, lean protein, dairy, and fruit and vegetables.

It’s food that gives us a low GI boost with plenty of nutrients; exactly what we’re looking for when we choose six of the best healthy start breakfasts.



If there’s one restaurant which brings Ipswich’s heritage to life, it’s Fourthchild. The imposing 1879 building, which once housed the Commonwealth Bank, has been beautifully restored, including its historic rustic brick walls and pressed metal skylight (which gave the venue light in pre-electricity days).

Now, huge bifolds open to the street and the magnificent wall-long painting by local artist Brett Sparke places the venue firmly in the modern era.

Owner Ross Williams takes the time to talk with us about the history of the area when woollen mills, mining, power stations and railway workshops made Ipswich a boom town.

With produce sourced from the Lockyer Valley and everything made in house, it’s easy to make healthy choices from the all-day menu.

We dine on a protein-packed breakfast of Moroccan spiced poached eggs and goats’ cheese chevre, served with Turkish bread and creamy hummus.

Thinking keto, we could just as easily have chosen the retro Lambs fry and bacon!

Fourthchild is located at 6/126 Brisbane St, Ipswich.



If we consider that a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body, then Oikos, the Greek word meaning connecting to the people around you is a great place to start your day.

Your breakfast could be a clean nachos bowl with cashew sauce made by chef Asha, or the Avo smash on sourdough with goats’ cheese, rocket, spinach and pumpkin seeds, lemon and house-made relish. 

Owned by Brett and Christie Briggs, this is a place “where everyone has a seat at the table”, practicing an inclusive philosophy about both culture and dietary preferences and requirements.

We have to agree: good food, good coffee and good company is a great way to start the day!

Oikos Cafe, 61 Limestone St, Ipswich 

Rafter and Rose

Rafter and Rose

The beautiful country chic Rafter and Rose Café is a hidden garden retreat in the city centre.

In a venue filled with greenery and curated collections spilling out from the heritage building into a laneway, you’ll find food for the soul as well as the stomach.

“All you need is love & coffee & family & rain & pets & the ocean…” …and a healthy start brekkie.

Choosing from the “all day” breakfast and lunch menu, there are several healthy choices such as granola with yoghurt and berries, the House Breaky, or Boston beans with sourdough.

Instead, we opt for the DC Special of sweet potato rosti, avocado, fried haloumi, mushrooms, spinach and poached eggs.

Its low GI combination of good fats, veggies and protein makes a great healthy start to the day.

Ok, so you plan to come back later for home-baked pistachio and rosewater cake or jam-filled doughnuts. Life’s about balance!

Rafter and Rose 17 Ellenborough St, Ipswich.

Raw Energy

Raw Energy

Choosing a healthy start breakfast is an easy choice at Raw Energy Springfield.

The menu includes options such as açai and dragonfruit bowls, vegan quinoa fritters, “earth raw” and all-day lunch bowls of goodness, as well as standard favourite brunch dishes.

Raw Energy uses free-range chicken and eggs and locally grown produce on their menu of food, smoothies and freshly squeezed juices.

As we dine on zucchini and corn fritters stacked high with avocado salsa and chilli jam, looking out across the glittering Orion Lagoon and surrounding parkland, life feels good.

Raw Energy Springfield GE Tower, 6 Yoga Way, Springfield Central 

La Mocha

La Mocha

There’s nothing simpler than Queensland’s perennial favourite dish, smashed avocado, done well.

Served with a poached egg, sautéed mushrooms, crumbled feta and cherry tomatoes, La Mocha’s smashed avo is one of the prettiest examples of the dish that we’ve seen.

It also contains several of the food groups (whole grain, protein, dairy, avocado – fruit full of naturally good fats and vegetables along with sesame seeds) in the perfect combination of delicious taste and goodness.

It’s a superb healthy start. Our tip is to order a cup of La Mocha’s smooth signature blend coffee to accompany your meal.

La Mocha 31 Springfield Lakes Blvd, Springfield Lakes 

Lotus Cafe

Lotus Cafe

Perched high up at the base of Springfield Tower overlooking the Orion Shopping Centre and Robelle Domain, Lotus Café is one of Springfield’s consistent performers.

The seasonal menu changes several times a year, with healthy options balanced by nourishing hearty dishes to fuel local workers.

Lotus Café caters for a diverse clientele through a menu clearly marked for gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan diners.

Our Pumpkin Bruschetta is a wholesome brunch from the new winter menu with roasted butternut pumpkin, baby spinach and poached eggs with the crunch of almond dukkah, smooth feta and tangy balsamic dressing served on toasted sourdough.

A creamy turmeric latte and super green cold-pressed “Hrvst” juice give a vitamin boost to start the day.

Lotus Café 145 Sinnathamby Blvd, Springfield

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