28 Greasley Street‚ Tivoli

For a unique outing in the heritage city, Tranquil Tea House offers a range of options.

Nestled in an 800 Square Meter garden with native plants, birds and bees you will enjoy a tea experience in a quiet and rustic tea house.

You can book your special occasion whether it is a birthday celebration with tea and scones, Mothers’ day celebrations with a High tea or an educational ‘tea experience’.

Owner Dona offers tea experiences designed for those interested in learning more about this time-honoured drink.

Having grown up in Sri Lanka, she’s been enjoying beautiful tea since childhood and believes in its ability to relax and delight, and to bring people together in conversation. A myriad of health benefits are attributed to the different teas on offer here too.

Dona blends her tea using single estate black teas from Sri Lanka (Ceylon tea ) including a wonderfully fragrant chai, Rose tea under her own Tranquil Tea brand.

You’ll find a range of teas uncommon in Australia such as the pomegranate tea which features a pure single-origin Ceylon tea infused with the fruit as well as hibiscus flowers and rose petals. There are several soursop teas, known to be particularly high in antioxidants.

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  • Non Smoking