Places to get Arty in Ipswich

There's plenty of spots to get your artistic side creating in Ipswich!
23 May 2017

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Places to get Arty in Ipswich

Heritage and art can align, and it does in Ipswich. With an array of traditional, contemporary and blow-your-mind art on display across the region, there are plenty of reasons to make the trip West.

If macaroni necklaces and Paddle Pop forts are the extent of your artistic flair, then fret not. As a totally hopeless artist I was captivated by the rich social history that the Ipswich art scene had to offer. From the art-savvy to the finger painters like me, here’s five places where EVERYONE can get ‘Arty’ in Ipswich.

Ipswich Art Gallery

If Lego pieces sprawled across the bedroom floor and wedged between your toes doesn’t tickle your fancy, then leave the mess up to someone else. Located in the heart of the CBD, between Brisbane and Limestone Street, the Ipswich Art Gallery is the perfect place to let your inner 8-year-old run rampant.

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks

Currently exhibiting the Towers of Tomorrow with Lego bricks, you can ignite your inner architect and engage in one of the four daily workshops. Over 200,000 loose Lego bricks were used to create model sky scrapers, including Brisbane’s Infinity Tower and Gold Coast’s Q1. Constructed with detail and accuracy, the masterpiece’s will dwarf even the tallest visitors, with some standing at over 3 metres tall.

While you’re there, you can also explore the heritage of Ipswich and the early 20th century art that is on display. Take in the material culture, embroidery samples, colonial furniture, war time quilts and enjoy a top-notch cuppa from one of the nearby cafes. At $5 per person, the Lego sessions are budget friendly. A whole 90 minutes of creative play had me excited beyond words. It’s the ideal way for people of all ages to interact.

Be sure to pop by the Gallery to catch one of the four daily sessions, or any time before it wraps up on the 9th July. (Children under 3 years are free, bookings essential).

Art Clique

Hidden amongst the endless beauty of Tallegalla (a mere 30 minutes west of Ipswich), this studio art gallery allows you to appreciate Ipswich for more than just the bright lights. Inspired by the remote landscapes and moments of solitude, Lyne Marshall draws inspiration from the wilderness and incorporates this in her acrylic paintings.


Take in the breathtaking views the gallery has to offer, while having a one-on-one encounter with artist and author Lyne. Adding an extra dimension to her skill set, Lyne blends the practice of art and literature by writing about the creative processes that happen in the heart of her studio.

Take my word… the best way to understand an artist is to submerge yourself in the environment that they work in. Sip on the clean air, and be astounded by the intricate and astounding art on display. To enjoy the tranquil surrounds and show stopping art works, or to pick up one of Lyne’s four published books, contact Art Clique to book an appointment.

Dingley Dell Gallery

Relaunching after a three-year spell, Dingley Dell has just opened its doors as a workspace to display the art of emerging local talents. Run by ALARA, a community based organisation helping to enrich the lives of those with a disability, the integrated workspace was funded entirely by fundraising efforts and community grants.

Astounding achievement in itself, right?! Boasting an in-house artist, modern facilities, wheelchair access and onsite parking; I was not surprised to hear that Dingley Dell is quickly cementing its place as one of Ipswich’s must-see attractions.


With big plans on the horizon, it’s time to start dusting off the art smocks and whipping out the cameras. The gallery will soon host art programs, facilitate photography workshops and act as a hub for aspiring artists to don their masterpieces. To follow their journey and to ensure you don’t miss their next Open Day, keep your eyes peeled on the Dingley Dell Facebook page.

Inspirations Ipswich

Traditionally styled, interstitial and innovative artworks – all inspired by Ipswich! What more could the art-obsessed hope for? With various artists exhibiting on a regular basis, Inspirations Ipswich is reigniting lost and vanishing art forms through workshops and demonstrations. The Inspirations Ipswich gallery provides a supportive environment that aims to nurture emerging talents and acts as the ideal location for members to exhibit high-quality works.


Catch a glimpse of the jewellery, ceramics, paintings and photography on display in Ipswich City Square. If you’re feeling inspired, you can dive in to a range of classes that are on offer to the seasoned artists and first-timers. For $30 a class, the Picasso’s can brush up on their art practices by using traditional skills, while the beginners touch up on the basics.

Painting classes run every second Saturday. If pencils are more likely to draw your attention, then head along to one of the drawing classes on the fourth Saturday of each month.

Arttime Supplies

Clag glue, glitter, fine point pens and paint pallets are the key to my heART. If art supplies are enough to send you in to a sweat induced frenzy, then I have good news for you. Arttime Supplies sells a large variety of materials including beads, clay, wood products, paints, papers and canvases.

Be sure to join one of the many classes also on offer. From Mixed Media Drawing to Kreative Kids classes, there’s something to keep the whole family occupied. Display the masterpieces you create on the mantelpiece at home by utilising the framing services available.


The pathway to art-heaven is lined with copious amounts of supplies and is situated in Brisbane Street, Ipswich.

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